How To Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable and Dreamy? Here’s the Answer



A wedding day is certainly one of the most precious moments in anyone’s life and something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. That is the day when you have the right to do whatever your heart desires.

Now, the question is, what makes this wonderful day memorable? Bear in mind, that oftentimes, guests and couples have different ideas of what is special when it comes to the wedding. But what matters the most is that you turn every tiny detail that you’ve dreamed of regarding this day into reality. 

So if you want to go through this whole wedding planning process relatively smoothly without too much stress, then take a look at the tips we compiled today that will help you stay true to your vision. Let’s check them out together!

Practical Ways To Have A Memorable Wedding Day

Let’s Start With Wonderful Ceremony Seating

Do you want to make a great first impression and sweep your guests off their feet? If the answer is yes, then focus on having a unique ceremony seating. Keep in mind, that this is one of those things that your guests will immediately notice, so you want to make sure you give them that wow factor.

At most weddings, chairs are placed in rows behind one another. What you can do is mix them up and put them in a half-moon design on every side of the aisle. What’s the point of this? Well, this way, they will have a much better view.

Additionally, if you are planning on having something that’s more intimate, for a small group of people, then it would be advisable to have seating guests in a circle. Another creative thing that you can do regarding this is to select seats that are not chairs.

What can you pick then? Well, it all depends on the theme you’ve chosen, however, if you want something that’s effective and unusual, then you should opt for picnic blankets, benches, or even hay bales.

Capture Wonderful Moments With Camera

Having a wedding photographer is like having someone telling your love story for you and that’s not something that you or anyone you know or love is capable of doing, which is why hiring a wedding photographer may possibly be one of the best decisions you are ever going to make when it comes to this day.

Of course, you need to find someone who is capable of putting your vision to reality. Now, before you hire anyone, be sure to look for their portfolios and books first. We were surprised by how many talented wedding photographers live in Australia, particularly in the wonderful city of Perth. Therefore, if you live in it as well, then make sure to hunt down a perfect Perth wedding photographer who will ensure that every picture they take looks breathtaking. At the end of the day, these photographs (along with videos) are all you have regarding the memories. 

Anything Else That We Didn’t Mention?

Delicious Food

The style and theme of the wedding catering are for sure one of the most important aspects of this event and one of those things that make this special day unforgettable. Therefore, you should think about the type of food you’ll be serving at your wedding.

Think of something that’s delicious, so that the people who’ll be attending your wedding can enjoy every meal to the maximum. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you must spend a fortune in order to accomplish that.

There are so many excellent caterers out there who are extremely skilled, creative, and talented, yet very affordable. Just be sure that you hire someone who is using high-quality ingredients and is cooking the dishes that your guests will adore. 

What’s interesting is the fact that a traditional roast meat dinner is still one of the most popular choices when it comes to wedding-related foods, however, if that’s not something that you would like to serve, you can always opt for some trendy alternatives that will blow your guests minds.

Location Is Very Important!

Long gone are the days when weddings were restricted to church, registry office, or registry office. Nowadays, it’s all about being inventive and thinking of something that’s unusual, yet a true sight for sore eyes. 

Of course, all of this highly depends on the type of person you and your partner are. If you are prone to loving unique things, then choose something that’s original and totally out-of-this-world. In these types of situations, it’s essential to think outside the box and be innovative.

The only thing that matters is that your idea is doable, everything else is way less important. For instance, you can have this special day on the beach, or in the mountains, at the museum, and many other places. The point is to select something that’s out of the ordinary, yet lovely.

Music (Makes The People Come Together)

You cannot have a perfect atmosphere without some spectacular music that will get everyone’s feet moving, hence you should consider hiring either a great band or a DJ to perform. Now, for this occasion, you must have someone who has a plethora of experience when it comes to performing. In these instances, an amateur is not an option. You need a person who:

  • Is able to play a variety of different music genres 
  • Is professional and fun
  • Is going to encourage your guests to go on the dance floor and dance until their feet fall off
  • Performs a lot

Don’t Forget Social Media

These days, it seems like no event can go without social media, which means that you should incorporate interesting hashtags and location “check-in” of course. Namely, more than fifty percent of couples tend to create their own wedding hashtag. 

No matter how strange it may sound to you, this is generally an amazing way to look back at pictures that you and your guests have posted on your social media profiles.

Planning a wedding can truly be chaotic because there are so many things you have to think about. However, since this is one of the most important days of your life, you cannot overlook any aspect of it. To accomplish that, just be sure to follow all our tips.

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