Your wedding dress is one of the top priorities when planning your big day. This is a special moment you’ll remember for the rest of your life through memory, pictures, and videos. You want to make sure you look your best as the queen you are. 

Shopping for a wedding dress isn’t something you can rush. It would be best to consider the many choices available in designs and styles to ensure you’re picking the best one possible. If you want everything to be perfect as you envision, you must allow at least nine months of meticulous preparation. You want your dress to balance comfort, style, and elegance. 

Thus, we’ve compiled five reasons to shop early for your wedding dress. These are to:

  • Explore Different Options 

Shopping for ‘the dress’ is something every woman takes seriously. You don’t go to one boutique and immediately decide you’ve found the one. You want to explore all your options and browse every bridal salon and even online shop to find a flawless wedding gown to suit your special day. 

The first step to finding the best dress is confirming your wedding venue. Your wedding dress should suit the location and weather conditions for comfort. For instance, you should be looking through beach wedding dresses if you’re getting married in tropical weather. 

Shopping early gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll walk down the aisle in the best wedding dress you have found. Buying yourself time to think before making your choice keeps the stress and anxiety at bay. 

  • Find Affordable Ones 

If you’re planning a wedding on a limited budget, you need to set aside more time to shop for your dress. Doing so will help you get the best deals and find the most affordable options without compromising style. 

One of the best tricks for affordability is to shop wedding dresses online. These ready-to-wear dresses are less expensive than custom-made ones. However, you can also find online shops selling premium-quality dresses that suit every woman’s price range budget. 

When shopping for wedding dresses online, choose a store with a detailed filter that allows you to see specific prices, sizes, silhouettes, embellishments, sleeves, and trains. This feature helps you narrow down options based on your budget and preferences. 

Moreover, shopping early gives you even more affordable options like making your wedding dress. This is a cost-effective alternative for brides-to-be with dressmaking skills. After all, nothing should stop you from creating your dream gown. 

  • Provide Time For Detailed Customization 

Made-to-order dresses have a typical lead time of four to six months. This period doesn’t include time for alterations at the last minute to make sure the dress fits perfectly. You have to shop even earlier if you’re eyeing a custom-made dress. 

Shopping for a wedding dress at least 10 months before the date gives you more time to design one to match your style perfectly. For a customized dress, you have two options: hire your designer or tweak the details of your chosen gown in a bridal shop. 

Hiring a designer is an excellent choice for brides who want that one-of-a-kind dress. You can work closely with your designer to add all the intricate details of your dream. However, this option might take a longer lead time, especially if the designer has projects lined up. 

Meanwhile, choosing a gown from a bridal salon is fancy enough if you want to experience wearing it beforehand. Although it might take a few months to arrive because it’s a made-to-order wedding dress, it’s quicker than designing from scratch. Aside from the size, you can also fiddle with some details like train length and embellishments. 

  • Avoid Rush Fees 

It takes months to craft a customized wedding dress. Hence, you need to start working on it as soon as you get engaged and finalize the date and venue. Shopping months ahead can save you from having to rush your order. 

Besides, buying a dress near your wedding date puts you at risk of additional fees. Bridal boutiques charge rush fees for orders you want to get before the expected lead time. Unfortunately, this may affect the quality of your wedding gown. 

So, avoid additional expenses and crippling stress by shopping as soon as possible.

  • Allow Time For Alterations 

You’ll have more time for alterations once your dress arrives on time. Planning your best day comes with the risk of encountering bumps and hassles you should anticipate. 

Whether what you have is a custom-made or online store-bought dress, allow at least a couple of weeks for alterations. You can still adjust details like skirt and train length, sleeves, and the overall fitting. 

Furthermore, factors in weight fluctuations are regular occurrences for women of all ages, which might affect how the gown fits. For an accurate fitting, it’s best to consider these inevitable changes. Remember that dresses should fit your body, not the other way around. 


Your wedding day should be the most memorable and exciting moment of your life. Exuding elegance as you walk down the aisle with your carefully chosen wedding gown can make the day even more vibrant and precious. Thus, take note of the reasons listed here so you’ll have enough time to shop early for your wedding dress.




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