Fashion Sizzle: “Makings Of A Dream” Documentary was held at the prestigious  event space  Roulette Theatre  for  Sizzle Arts  Festival 





Your fashion should always sizzle even if your journey doesn’t always reflect the same.

Fashion Sizzle is a platform for independent designers to showcase their work during  New York Fashion Week  For this reason alone is why their documentary Makings Of A Dream, couldn’t have been released at a more perfect time. In this documentary, the viewer gets honest, behind the scenes, raw feedback as to what actually goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry, from  discrimination to the nitty gritty ground work. Fashion Sizzle captures it all.

The documentary also gave a chance to learn a little about the designers and models who are apart of the Fashion Sizzle community. Lets take Dareyna Swann of Swarey Designs for example. Swann attended Fashion Industries High School, and after that, moved onto gain a ton of experience through internships. She was lucky enough to intern for household name, Baby Phat. She finds herself inspired by people who go after their dreams, and people who are not afraid of the word, “No”. Her favorite designer is Alexander Wang because she feels that they both share a love of sportswear aesthetic.

We also heard from models Justyna, Waiyan, and Toya who all shared their views on the industry as not having as much variation and diversity. They all feel that the features of Anglo are more accepted, and that the constant choice of “sample sizes” for the runway are putting a damper on women and children all over the world. They were plus sized models April and Monet who felt the need to work way harder during their casting, and are fed up with the very predictable “body con” dresses as options for them. They stressed the need for designers to make items that give every body type an option to look and feel sexy.


At the end of the documentary, the four points of advice that was offered no matter what your field of work is:

  1. Be realistic!
  2. Don’t give up!
  3. Have a 5 year plan!
  4. Realize and understand that it’s going to be a lot of work, it’ll be hectic, but it’s all worth it in the end!


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