Why Cruelty-Free Makeup Is the Way Forward




Here’s a fascinating and not-so-fun fact: more than 100 million animals are hurt in the United States alone due to animal experiments every year. Animal testing, it turns out, is terrible science and does not always work, according to several studies. One of the most effective ways to show your opposition to animal testing is to switch to cruelty-free skincare products. So, whether it’s your matte foundation or that new lipstick you love, be sure to think ethically before purchasing.

Companies have no justification for testing on animals. Animal testing can be replaced with more effective methods. To maintain their cruelty-free status, many corporations have purposefully avoided such markets. One of the most effective ways to say no to animal experimentation is to switch to cruelty-free products. Here are some reasons why we should all try to choose cruelty-free cosmetics.

Animal Protection – This is the number one reason! In labs, various animals are studied, ranging from rabbits to canines. You may not feel comfortable utilizing products that have been tested on domesticated animals if you are an animal lover. Animal testing isn’t required in the cosmetics sector. Many companies have demonstrated that developing safe and effective products is feasible without using animals. The number of animals tested will decrease as demand for cruelty-free products grows. You’ll be assisting in the protection of those animals.

Healthier – Makeup formulas typically contain a few ingredients to achieve the desired color, provide a unique feature to the makeup, and differentiate the brand’s formulas from its competitors. Unfortunately, animals are frequently used in the testing of these substances. Although chemical-free cosmetics are nearly impossible to get, several compounds may and should be avoided in makeup formulae. Purchasing cruelty-free makeup protects innocent animals from testing and protects you from putting harmful chemicals and components on your skin.

Hygiene – Have you ever thought about where your cosmetics originate if you don’t use cruelty-free makeup? The truth is that it comes from animals and usually not from their nicest parts. To begin with, if you buy your cosmetics brushes from a company that tests on animals and uses animal materials, your brushes are most likely made of horse, goat, squirrel, or badger hair. You may already be aware of this, but have you ever wondered how animal cosmetic firms obtain the fur for their brushes? Unfortunately, the tail is nearly always the answer to that query, which is terrible for both the animal and your facial hygiene.

Eco-Friendly – Cruelty-free brands are also more environmentally conscious. Most cruelty-free products avoid harsh chemicals in favor of more natural and sustainable alternatives, resulting in a better product and a greener option.

Mindful – You can have a better experience in the cosmetics aisle by limiting your options to items that have not been tested on animals. With fewer options, you can make more informed judgments and take the time to examine if a product is a good fit for your routine. Bathroom drawers that are overflowing could soon be a thing of the past.

Companies can formulate their products using a list of over 7,000 substances that have been proved to be safe; this demonstrates that there is no need to test additional substances on animals. Corporations that choose to test more ingredients on animals only do so to develop new, inventive ingredients that will boost their profitability.

The governments of Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, New Zealand, and the European Union have all recognized the risks of animal testing and have prohibited it in their respective countries. Animal testing is illegal in almost every country on the planet, which should tell you how unethical and hazardous it is. You can do the same and eliminate non-cruelty-free skincare products from your home. Animal testing is, in fact, both cruel and pointless. You can help companies make a meaningful difference by supporting brands that don’t test on animals. It’s better for both you and the animals! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t make the switch.


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