How Does Nail Dip Powder Actually Work? Discover the Benefits



We’ve been seeing nail dip powders trending everywhere lately. There is a good chance you have seen videos of amateur manicurists on your timeline achieving flawless nails using these products. If you have been tempted to try nail dip for yourself, you are certainly not alone. The problem is though, it can be hard to know if something you see on the internet is worth the money or just too good to be true. We are here to tell you that while nail dip powders seem too good to be true, that is far from the case. These powders really do work. And better than many of the other at home products we’ve tried. If you are curious about how they work and what the benefits are, keep reading.

The Future of Manicures

So what exactly is nail dip powder? Simply put, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Rather than painting on polish, the manicure is applied by dipping the nail into a powder and applying an activator to help it harden. Once you apply the nail dip, you will be able to rock your manicure for up to five weeks. This stuff is incredibly tough, which means no annoying chipping or peeling.

Easy to Apply

If you avoid standard nail polish or at home gels due to their messiness, you’re going to love nail dip. Applying nail polish to your own nails can be disastrous if you are even the slightest bit shaky. Not to mention how difficult it can be to get off excess gel polish once it’s been cured under a UV light. If you can relate to that struggle, nail dip is here to help. The only thing you will be painting on your nails during the nail dip process is a clear base liquid. The color is all in the powder, so once the powder adheres to the base coat you can brush off any excess rather than trying to wipe away any sticky polish splotches.

If you are currently using an at home gel polish, you can retire that UV light. One of the major reasons gel polish users are switching to nail dip is to avoid exposing their nails to UV rays. This is a process known to soften your nail bed. When combined with the harsh chemicals that are used in gel polishes you have a recipe for weaker nails. Also, waiting for your nails to cure is a time suck. Nail dip can save you time on your at home manicures. Not to mention the time (and money) saved on salon trips if you get your nails done professionally.

Longer Lasting

Aside from them being easy to apply, nail dips are also praised for their longevity. Standard nail polish has around 24-36 hours of flawless wear before you start to see chipping. With at home gels, you get maybe a week or two before you start to notice peeling around the edges. Acrylics are incredibly strong and long lasting, but the removal process is traumatic for your nail beds. Nail dip powder on the other hand wears like acrylic but doesn’t cause significant damage to your nail upon removal. People who use nail dip report up to five weeks of perfect wear before having to remove the manicure due to nail growth. No chips or peeling in sight on these nails!

Tips for Flawless Application

Let’s talk about how to make nail dip powder work for you. There are a few tips and tricks that you should know before embarking on your first dip manicure venture. It is important to make sure your nails are prepped to ensure that everything goes on smoothly. You will want to use a cuticle pusher to gently expose the base of the nail. This will ensure longer wear and even placement of the color. You will want to file, shape, and buff your nails. Make sure you wash your hands after this step to remove any oils or dust from the area. Start with the build powder and then move onto the color powder once you have the base down.

When it comes to application you should ensure that you are brushing away any excess powder between coats. Some colors have darker pigmentation then others so you may want to apply an extra coat of the color powder to up the opacity. The activator liquid comes after the powder and is crucial to setting your manicure. You will want to apply this twice, waiting two minutes between coats. Finish with a topcoat for ultimate brilliance.

Start Benefiting!

Don’t wait too long to start reaping the benefits of switching to nail dip powder. You could already be saving on time, money, and frustration by revolutionizing your nail routine. Pick up a starter kit today and you’ll never look back. 


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