The Engagement rings golden shine & Wedding Finery of the Brisbane city


I came, I saw, I bought – this is how men imagine buying engagement rings. And now to be serious, the reality is somewhat diverse. With the choice of rings, as with marriage, there’s no rush, otherwise you can run into a nasty surprise.

Brisbane is one of the nation’s best engagement ring prosperity locations. There is a rich diversity of diamonds, emeralds, lab-grown and naturally-mined gems all set in stunning alloys. You can find a number of great jewellery stores in Brisbane which become perfectly suitable to your taste, where you’ll find the ideal engagement ring, so when it comes to picking the best, you need to consider what is right for you (

Brisbane’s talented jewellers create every piece, line, pattern of jewellery transforming metal into a couple’s special jewellery pace of art. You can choose products from the options collected in the catalogue, draw a sketch, select a photo or describe in detail all the details that you would like to see in the ring. Masters will be able to accurately convey the character, personality and wishes of the client  in their creation.

Ladies and gentlemen let us introduce “Their Royal Highness” the engagement rings Brisbane is the primary element of the wedding ceremony. And the reason is not only that, by putting it on, the girl acquires the status of “wife”, but also because it needs to be worn all life.

Each engagement ring is beautiful in its own way. But all its charm vanishes before our eyes when the ring is not a suitable size or it’s original design creates daily discomfort.

Often emotions take over and a newly married couple impulsively makes a purchase without thinking about how the work-piece will look in 10-15 years.

Our top masters in their field will embody the most courageous and extraordinary ideas:

  •       intricate shape;
  •       eloquence;
  •       embossing, engraving, three-dimensional inscriptions;
  •       unusual combinations of enamel, different shades of gold and stones.

How to choose designer wedding rings?

Each of the future spouses should like jewellery so that there is no desire to remove it immediately after the wedding celebration.


To create designer rings, discuss the details with the other half and determine the most significant moments for yourself.


There are many ideas for giving jewellery an exclusivity:

  •       date of acquaintance;
  •       date of the first kiss;
  •       the form of accessories of your favourite movie characters;
  •       symbols, images that you associate with pleasant events;
  •       balmy names of each other and more.


Pleasant neighbourship

Modern fashion allows you to wear both rings at once on the same finger. Such wise, one two-level ring is obtained.

The main rule: both rings must be in the same style and have a similar frame shape!

On one hand, you can combine two narrow headbands or wide + narrow. But two wide rings will look heavy and clumsy. An engagement ring with a medium diamond will be harmoniously paired with a wedding ring, but with a small path of stones.

If the finances allow you to buy an engagement ring with a diamond, then boldly follow this decision. Over the years, a ring with one stone can be supplemented with more diamonds in honour of some important event (for example, the birth of a child). In this case, a jewellery article will become a priceless family heirloom for you.

Cherry on the cake – beautiful presentation

A gorgeous presentation of rings is an essential attribute of a wedding photo session and the ceremony as a whole. Thematic pads, boxes, plates, chests, baskets and jewellery boxes will emphasise the sophistication of wedding rings and the style of the event. They can be personalised with the newlyweds’ initials, wedding date, or romantic phrases – as the newlyweds wish.

The tradition of presenting rings with additional accessories has ancient roots. It was believed that wedding rings have a special energy and only newlyweds could touch them.

For the rings serving ceremony nowadays fresh flowers and fruits are in trend, both in their pure form and in compositions. Tree bark, flower petals and other natural materials are used in the manufacture of Eco-pillows.

We hope sincerely that these small but precious clues will help you to make a wise choice!


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