What Are The Hottest Hair Styles In 2022 And Where To Get Them



With spring just around the corner, and change is in the air, there’s no time like the present to switch up your hairdo! In 2022, there are plenty of inspirations and styles to choose from when it comes to hair. Whether you prefer looks that are simple and preppy, or bold and daring, there’s a style and haircut out there for you!

If you’re looking for some inspiration to revamp your look, you’ve come to the right place! From trendy haircuts to styles, to techniques, this list has got you covered! Follow these style tips to find out what the hottest hairstyles of 2022 are, where to get them, and how to do them! Up your hair game and step into next season with style!

Mid-Length Bob Cuts

If you’re looking for a trendy way to refresh your hair, then look no further than the mid-length bob cut. This artsy haircut is perfect for people looking for that timeless and effortless style. Although the mid-length choppy bob may seem simple, it does take some expertise to execute.

When it comes to any haircut, you need to find a salon that knows how to give you what you want for the right price. Look up the average Supercuts prices online to help you get a better idea of what you’re looking at. The right hair salon can elevate your hair to new cute heights with this artsy, mid-length bob cut!

Layered Shags

Aside from the straight edge bob cut, layered hairstyles are still all the rage in 2022. Among these cuts is the famous layered shag which is a fan favorite and for good reason. The 70s are a major influence in fashion today through color schemes and hairstyles like these. This style of hair gives off an effortless elegance for those who have a flair for the dramatics. Your layered shag could be any length and is a versatile and customizable hairdo that you can get done at any reputable salon. Just make sure to not confuse it with the next style on the list!

Wolf Cut

If you’re looking for a more alternative layered look, then look no further than the 2021 favorite; the wolf cut. This scrappy alternative cut gained popularity for its versatility in shape, texture, and style. The wolf cut can help you emulate any style from edgy alternative to 70’s disco diva, to preppy and cute. You can make it as messy or as put together as you like, and all you need is some hair gel and spray to style. Whether you go to the hair salon or do it from the comforts of your own home, there are plenty of reasons to get this cut!

Curtain Bangs

Not all the hot haircuts and styles this year need to be a drastic change for you. If you’re in the market for change but don’t want to chop off all your hair, bangs are the next best thing. Bang styles go in and out of fashion, and this year, it’s all about the curtain bang!

This elegant, cascading style frames the face perfectly and looks great on many face shapes. Getting curtain bangs is a great way to stay on trend if you’re not ready for a full makeover. Whether you go to the salon or you prefer to do your own chopping, now’s the perfect time to get bangs!

Severe Slick Back

Piggybacking off of last year, wet-looking hair is still hot, hot, hot! Slick backs are a great way to elevate any look and to give it a harder edge. The hairstyle has been a staple on runways, fashion shows, and red carpets, and is a great look for any party!

You can even get this sophisticated look from the comfort of your own home! It takes a few practice runs to get it right but is a great look to have in your style arsenal. Get some hair gel, comb your hair back and take any look from great to editorial in no time!

Bling In The Braids

Braids have always been popular, as a protective hairstyle that looks good and keeps your hair healthy. This year’s edition of popular braids are the classic twists, messy box braids, and 90s inspired looks. Whether you prefer your braids long and glossy or short and messy, all styles are in this season! As it was in the 90s, no braided look can be complete this year without some cute accessories! Whether it’s colorful butterfly clips, silver rings and trinkets, or hair tinsel, bling in the hair is all the rage. Adding a little sparkle to your braids is a great way to stay on trend in 2022!

Soft, Bouncy Curls

Last but not least, if you have curly or textured hair then 2022 is your lucky year! 2022 is all about embracing natural beauty and bouncy curls are top of the list for curly girls! Thanks to the explosion of hair curling trends online, you can achieve this wavy, bouncy look without damaging your hair with heat!

If braids are not your style, then hop on the next best thing this season and set your beautiful afro free! The fluffy, halo afro is another result of the 70s coming back. This season, brush out your hair and let it bounce freely! Whether you like your hair in a fluffy afro, or in soft waves, all styles of natural-looking textured hair are in!





So there you have it! The trend for hair in 2022 is similar to the previous year’s, but with a little more edge and style! The first trend to hop on is a chopped short look in the form of a mid-length bob. If you’re not a fan of cutting it all off, opt for something longer, with a little more character. Layered shags and wolf cuts are fun and versatile haircuts that can look both scrappy and elegant. If you’re not in the market for a huge change, but want something effortless that looks good, go with the curtain bang!

A no-cut hairstyle this year that has been all the rage is the severe slick-back. Get your hands on some gel and a comb and style yourself into someone chic, elegant, and severe! Keep your braids and twists popping with some cute accessories and styles. Last but not least, embrace your natural beauty and let your curls and afros run free!

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