How Can I Lift My Neck Naturally?





Turkey neck can be an unglamorous term for sagging, wrinkled skin around the neck. In most cases, it’s a common side effect of aging. It happens when your neck muscles start debilitating and your skin loses its flexibility, or capacity to stretch and maintain tightness.

A lot of people wouldn’t believe how much a natural neck lift can upgrade their general appearance. While many might see the face as the body part where aging is most observable, the jaw, chin, and neck areas all have a significant influence on your appearance. Thanks to some plastic surgeons, they have now found a natural procedure for neck lift (suitable for both men and women). If you would like to restore the beauty of your jawline and neck this natural lift is a perfect choice.

What is a Neck Lift?

This is often a part of the facelift procedure. However, it is performed on a patient alone if only the appearance of the jawline, chin, or neckline is to be worked on.  

Here, the platysma muscles are repaired. This helps a patient to redefine his/her neck. With the neck lift procedure, the skin around the neck is tightened and repositioned. It reduces the sagging effect of an aging neck.

How is the Natural Neck Lift Done?

The procedure of the natural neck lift is often done with incisions around the ears. Then through some tiny incisions, placed under the chin.  

Now whenever some extra skin is found around this region, it will be removed. This is part of the actual lift. The placement of the incisions will reveal hiding the scars behind the ears. To maintain a symmetrical appearance, the two sides of a patient’s face will be treated. 

4 Facial Exercises for Turkey Neck 

Facial exercises can also be used for treating turkey neck. Also, these facial exercises help. Below are four exercises you may try. 

Brow push

This is a forehead push. To do this, follow the steps below:

Put one hand on your brow/forehead.

Now, push the head against your hand without. Don’t allow your head to push ahead.

Stand firm in this position for ten seconds.

Finally, hold your two hands behind your head. Push them in reverse with your neck and hold for ten seconds.

The Chew

First, you need to sit with your back straight.

Lift your head back. Make sure your chin is facing the roof.

Close your lips. Then make a chewing movement using your mouth.

Repeat this twenty times.

The Kiss

Again, sit down with your back straight.

Next, lift your head; to allow your chin to point to the roof. Close your lips.

Finally, you need to put your lips. This will give you the kissing effect.

Repeat this movement twenty times.

Neck Lift

This is an effective exercise for your neck. 

Simply lay on your back. Preferably, on your bed. The Head should hang over the edge of your bed. 

Now, gently lift your head. Do this as high as it can go. The neck muscles will be fully activated here.

Repeat this movement five times.

Stop the exercise if you experience neck pain.


There are different ways to naturally lift your neck. Certain facial exercises work well. You can also use aesthetic medical equipment at the appropriate provider. If you want to go through a professional procedure, the natural neck lift is also safe. Finally, a neck lift without surgery is the best.



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