A Complete Guide On How To Join The Surrogacy Community


Being a surrogate mother is a lot more than carrying someone else’s baby. Many people don’t realize that surrogates offer an indispensable gift to families who would otherwise be unable to have children of their own. Regardless of the circumstances that stand in these people’s way, deciding to expand a family through surrogacy is not a simple choice to make. 

Parents who choose to walk that path often have to sacrifice many of the joys and experiences of traditional pregnancy and often deal with unfamiliar situations. Similarly, being a surrogate comes with many changes and challenges. However, the benefits that come with surrogacy are a lot more than the financial compensation you’ll receive. Read this article to find out all about the popularity of surrogacy, the benefits of becoming a surrogate mother, and how you can become one. 

Celebrities Who Have Used Surrogates

Surrogacy has become a more and more popular option over the years. This is because it’s generally helpful for couples who can’t conceive traditionally, women who have experienced problems with previous pregnancies, and those with pre-existing medical conditions. It is also a convenient option for same-sex couples, single people who wish to build a family, and even older individuals whose ages have limited their ability to conceive naturally. Many celebrities choose to expand their families via surrogates for various people. These include:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 

While this couple is no longer together, they confirmed that they had trouble conceiving North and Saint, their first two children. The couple then decided to have her two other children, Chicago, who was born in 2018, and Psalm, who was born a year later, via surrogates. 

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra’s and Nick Jonas’ decision to conceive via surrogacy is among the most recent examples of celebrity uses of this method. The first-time parents announced the news earlier this year. 

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman became the mother of Connor and Isabella, who were adopted when she was in a relationship with Tom Cruise. However, when she got together with Keith Urban, the actress gave birth to Sunday Rose, her first biological daughter. Two years later, the couple had Faith Margaret, their second daughter, via surrogacy. 

Tyra Banks and Erik Asla

Tyra Banks revealed her fertility issues to People magazine in September 2015. The supermodel had undergone IVF treatments in an effort to build a family with Erik Asla, her boyfriend. The couple announced the birth of York Banks Asla in January 2016, via surrogacy. 

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

The couple had their twin daughters, Gideon and Harper, via surrogacy. 

Benefits of Becoming a Surrogate

Give Your Life Meaning

When asked about their experience, numerous surrogate mothers talk about the new outlook on life they developed during pregnancy and after giving birth. Being a surrogate mother means that you get to gift a child to loving parents who can’t have their own. This is enough to give anyone a sense of purpose. Knowing that you played a significant role in providing someone with a family will make you feel incredibly valuable and will give your life meaning. The child’s parents will feel eternally grateful to you. 

Building Meaningful and Special Relationships

Surrogates typically get very close to the parents of the child they’re carrying. This is because the parents wish to stay informed throughout the pregnancy and the baby’s development process. They also want to partake in any decisions related to the pregnancy and, of course, bond with the baby before it’s born. This means that you will spend a lot of time together. For some people, this process is strictly business. However, others think of it as an opportunity to build a rewarding, one-of-a-kind bond. This is the type of intimate relationship that you can’t build elsewhere. Many surrogates maintain this close relationship with the parents even after the baby is born, considering that they would like to stay involved in the child’s life to an extent. 

Developing a Larger Social Circle 

Besides the special bond that you will build with the parents, surrogacy also allows you to develop a much larger social circle. Your agency will likely connect you with mentors when you start your surrogacy journey and introduce you to various support groups. This process will allow you to meet people you would’ve never crossed paths with otherwise, as well as open you up to new opportunities. You will probably find surrogacy support groups wherever you live. You can also join online communities, such as Facebook groups, and participate in online forums. The people you meet along the way will not only become your friends, but they will also become indispensable sources of support. 

Experiencing the Joys of Pregnancy 

If you don’t like being pregnant, chances are that you would never have considered becoming a surrogate. Besides the financial compensation, the joys of pregnancy likely weighed in on your decision to become a surrogate mother. Surrogacy allows you to experience heartwarming moments, including watching the baby grow, bonding with them, feeling them kick, and last but not least, getting that pregnancy glow. 

Receiving Financial Compensation

The majority of surrogates receive generous and fair monetary compensation for their services. Besides the medical expenses, which are undoubtedly covered, the surrogate usually receives a compensation package. Many agencies increase the package if the surrogate decides to go through the process more than once. The money is usually enough to help a surrogate support a home, start a savings fund, or pay for college tuition. 

The Process to Becoming a Surrogate Mother 

  • Pre-Screening 

To become a surrogate, you must fill out a surrogate application at an agency. Once your application has passed, you will be redirected to a specialized pre-screening coordinator. In this step, background checks and an evaluation of your medical records will be conducted. 

  • Surrogacy Consultation

A social worker will contact you and your primary support person.

  • Matching 

At this point, you will be matched with the intended parents. Your profiles will be exchanged, and you will get to contact them and meet up with them. If you both agree, the process will proceed. 

  • Contracts and Screening

You’ll be medically screened at an IVF clinic. You will also finalize legal contracts with your lawyer.

  • Embryo Transfer

Once you’re medically approved, you will start your medication. If your body is responding well, the embryo will be transferred. 

  • Pregnancy

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, you’ll get regular ultrasounds until the baby is safely delivered. 

Being a surrogate mother is an incredibly rewarding experience. Surrogacy has been growing more popular because it is a very practical option for individuals who can’t conceive naturally. Many celebrities choose to give birth via surrogacy for various reasons. The benefits of being a surrogate go far beyond the monetary compensation, and the process is fairly simple and clear.

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