6 Reasons To Make The Switch To Vintage Fashion




With classic trends coming back in most industries, fashion hasn’t been left behind, with people opting for vintage fashion over modern ones. And social media has played an instrumental part in making the trend popular.

Currently, numerous online vintage shops specialize in selling secondhand clothes, fueling the trend. However, vintage fashion isn’t just old clothes being resold as it also involves deconstructing vintage pieces then using the fabric to make a different kind of style that’s trendier. This article will be a good read if you consider switching to vintage fashion.

Vintage Fashion Is Affordable

The notion of viewing vintage clothing as hand-me-downs may be the main reason for the lower prices. And since vintage clothing is usually worn, its value decreases, making it cheaper than new clothes.

Depending on where you decide to shop, you may end up with a piece of vintage clothes for women that’s in mint condition from the year of production at a throwaway price. Most people who go to flea markets tend to get great finds that others are trying to get rid of at a bargain-able price.

The best time to shop for vintage finds is usually during the off-season. For instance, you’ll get a great price for a winter coat made in the 80s that’s being sold during summer. Therefore, you’ll be saving your money while getting a brand name that may have cost a fortune.

You’ll Be Shopping Sustainably

The growing need to go green has risen in the past year, with most people advocating against fast fashion that always ends up in landfills. Unlike fast fashion, vintage clothing has a longer life cycle, as high as twenty years or more.

In addition, vintage fashion uses less energy to produce as it’s already available, making it slow fashion. And since these clothes were made of high-quality materials, they don’t age out as fast as the current fashion.

So many clothes that aren’t bought eventually end up in a landfill, and vintage clothes aren’t spared. By shopping vintage, you’ll be saving that garment from its doom, which puts a lot of strain on the environment. The rise of vintage clothing demand will boost the market and open it up to more people. Demand prevents the disposal of clothing in landfills.

Vintage Clothing Is Unique

The chances of finding someone wearing the same vintage clothing as you are low compared to fast fashion produced in millions. The uniqueness of vintage clothes lies in the history of their making and the generations it’s gone through.

The historical significance makes most people want to go to the basics as effort and quality are appreciated. And even if someone wants to reproduce the same piece of clothing, they may have a difficult time as they’re one of a kind.

You Can Be Creative

Creativity is the hallmark that fuels the fashion industry, and vintage fashion provides the chance to show off your skills. You can get to experiment and create a new look that may surprise you and spruce up your wardrobe.

Vintage clothing can be deconstructed and used in making different pieces with a modern twist. For instance, you can take vintage denim jeans and turn them into a corset top currently in fashion.

And since it’s not restrictive, you can pair your vintage pieces with modern fashion trends and create a cohesive look that reflects your style. If you get stuck, look to the internet for inspiration from different vintage lovers and sellers who tend to depict how a vintage piece can be rocked.

Vintage Fashion Is Of High Quality

Clothing in the 50s, 60s, and past eras was made to last as people didn’t buy them quite often. As a result, they used quality materials and amazing artistry that saw these clothes through decades, making them durable.

Current fashion trends are based on fleeting looks and mass production that don’t necessarily factor in quality. During the vintage years, women could sew their clothes and be pickier on what fabrics to use. In addition, if a piece of clothing lasts for close to fifty years, chances are they’ll be able to last another twenty years.

You’ll Be Supporting Your Local Business

Most vintage fashion is sold by small businesses passionate about the trend. By buying from them, you’ll support them, especially in these trying times. In addition, your economy will thrive when buying local instead of buying for a corporation.

Bottom Line

Vintage fashion may be the right puzzle that spruces your wardrobe. However, when buying vintage, go through things that’ll blend in with your style. And since the rise of the vintage trend, some sellers have been putting out retro designs that tend to be duplicated. Therefore, be vigilant and buy from sellers who understand and have a great passion for vintage clothing.


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