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When it comes to travel, even fashion experts can make the mistake of packing too much. You naturally want to look great in photos, so you may opt to pack all the outfits you had in mind. Before you know it, you’ve already maxed out your luggage space, with little room to spare for other things. 

This is where the importance of traveling light comes in. Knowing how to pack your items and where to strategically place them in your luggage will not only help you save on space, but also save you lots of time and energy. 

But how exactly do you travel light, and where do you even begin? 

Before You Start

There are a few preliminary rituals you must do before you start packing your clothes. This involves plotting out your planned outfits early on. While you don’t need to have everything down to a tee, it’s important to have at least a few ideas on what you’ll be wearing during your trip.

Start with a list of outfits you’re absolutely sure you’ll be wearing. Then, start trimming down your options. Ask yourself whether any of your clothes seem repetitive, unnecessary, or inappropriate for most occasions. What you’ll want to keep is versatile wear that will always match the mood and any events you’re planning to go to.

Another thing to take into consideration is the weather. Check the forecast before you go so you know whether you’ll need to pack any extra items. You may need to bring coats or umbrellas if it will be rainy, for example. Should the expected weather at your destination be on the warmer side, that’s your cue to bring a light sundress instead of a thick sweater. 

Now that you’ve gotten a few of the basics down, here’s a more in-depth guide to traveling with limited space: 

Invest in Clothes You Don’t Have to Iron Out

It sounds a bit arbitrary at first, but trust us on this one: clothes that don’t wrinkle often can be folded into smaller and more space-saving packets. You won’t have to worry about whether your dress will look terrible when you pull it out from your luggage since it’s guaranteed not to wrinkle during travel.  So, look for tops, bottoms, dresses, and other clothing items that are made with wrinkle-free fabric. You can also count on most fashion tights and one or two pairs of jeans. 

Go For Neutral-colored Clothes

Another dilemma that many fashionistas face is deciding how many outfits to bring on their trip. It’s tempting to pack in a flashy pair of pants, but since you don’t have the luxury of packing your entire wardrobe with you, stick to the classics instead.

The trick to trimming down the number of outfits you’ll have to pack without sacrificing your sense of style is to choose clothes that go well with almost anything. An example of such clothes are those that come in neutral colors. Warm, earthy, and muted tones like brown, beige, or even deep shades of red are your best friends when it comes to assembling a versatile travel wardrobe. Black is also a favorite classic, especially if you’re planning to attend a formal occasion.

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

When it comes to footwear, you don’t want to bring too many shoes, since you can’t exactly fold them into smaller packets like you can with clothes. Indeed, bringing any more than three pairs will certainly eat up your luggage space.

If you’re still undecided on what shoes to bring with you, always prioritize comfort over style. Then, consider how compatible your shoes are with at least half of the outfits you’re bringing. Once you’ve settled on at least two pairs of footwear, you can bring an extra pair for special looks you want to try on. 

For instance, if you’re traveling to the beach, your go-to would probably be comfortable low-heeled sandals. You can match these with most of the articles of clothing you’ll be bringing, too. On the other hand, if you’re expecting to walk around in a place with a colder climate, a trusty pair of dark-colored boots are sure to keep you cozy and comfy.

Pack Accessories

When you’re traveling light, you won’t get to bring all the attires you want to wear. You can make up for this by stocking up on small accessories instead. Most accessory pieces are light, easy to carry around, and will immediately accentuate even the plainest of white tees. While you don’t really want something that’s too big and clunky, you’ll want something that will stand out when you wear them, especially if you’re making up for the simplicity of your attire. 

Some of the most common accessories you can pack are jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, rings, and other kinds of jewelry. You can also get a little creative by packing a beret or a hat to complete your look. If you’re going to the beach or a place with a tropical climate, it’s also essential to pack a good pair of shades.

Pack Your Care Products into Smaller Containers

Of course, you’ll still need to take care of your body as you travel. Care essentials like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and facial products absolutely have to go in your luggage. However, you can’t just stuff an entire bottle of your favorite toiletry in your suitcase. This is a surefire way to quickly eat up precious luggage space, especially if you use a lot of hygiene and skin care products. 

To save on space without leaving any of your beauty essentials behind, decant your care products into smaller plastic containers like spray bottles, squirt bottles, and jars. You can then place these in a Ziplock bag to avoid making a mess inside your carry-on luggage.

Wear Some of Your Extra Clothes During Transit 

This one might sound like cheating, but it’s a clever way of saving on luggage space, especially if you’re traveling with bulky clothes. Instead of placing some of your bulkier items in your suitcase, put them on instead! For instance, you can on your coat and scarf before boarding the plane.

Of course, this doesn’t mean looking like you just put on a hodgepodge of clothing to avoid overpacking. As we said in the previous tips, your attire look coordinated. So, make sure to also wear an outfit that not only matches your bulkier garments, but is also made up of pieces that are easy to match with everything else in your luggage.


When it comes to packing light, you have to do a lot of careful planning to decide what you can and can’t bring along during the trip. Just keep the tips above in mind, though, and you shouldn’t have a problem avoiding the dreaded overpacked suitcase. Not only will you save yourself the hassle of bringing heavy and cumbersome luggage, but you’ll also keep your style game on point during your trip, too!

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