Though we are in the midst of the winter season now, responsible fashionistas always plan ahead. So it is just the time to start thinking about changing your spring wardrobe and getting inspired by simple and stylish solutions for spring 2022! Below you can see 5 easy ideas presented by Enibbana apparel fashion observers.

1. Cardigan with Jeans and Loafers
This outfit created from the basic things of your wardrobe can become a real Parisian chic. A timeless design brings these pieces to a new modern level of street fashion. Combine a cardigan with contrasting details such as cream-colored inserts and gold buttons for a particularly Parisian chic look. This will add freshness and uniqueness to your look. Try to choose jeans following the color palette of the entire outfit and pay attention to the cut. Classic loafers will look best with relaxed-fit jeans.

2. Knee-Length Dress

Introducing a ribbed jersey midi dress with the V-neck cut is an ideal variant that can be worn on sunny spring days. It is a tight dress with a graceful rubber band, a zippered collar, and a slit at the bottom, perfectly blended with comfort, attractiveness, and ease of movement — exactly what you need from sporty spring clothes. Sorry, yoga pants, but it’s not your time to shine.

3. Monochrome
To unleash the magic of monochrome, you should pay attention to the shapes. When it comes to black and white spring outfits, we think the key is an interesting mix of silhouettes that will make you look cool instead of dry and overly formal. There are many options, but you can try this win-win combination:

  • loose black trousers made from soft linen;
  • cropped white top or a puff-sleeved white shirt;
  • silver or gold necklace 

4.  Knit Top with Wide-Leg Pants
Using color blocks is a great way to blend in with the mood that brings each season. To create a simple spring outfit, you can combine a knit top paired with wide-leg pants that are simply made for each other! Just choose light shades to create a soft and stylish look, and don’t forget to pay attention to textures. Quality cotton looks both chic and expensive. You can also add a small ivory leather handbag to complete the outfit.


5. Raglan Trench
To create an outfit that will withstand any weather on a cold spring day, we offer to combine several key elements. For this, you will need a simple one-ton ribbed racer vest, a favorite preppy classic — a cotton shirt in a blue and white shade, and a pair of jean shorts on a high waist. The pearl of the entire outfit is a raglan trench, which will save you from the rainy weather and will not leave without the sun.

Experiment with Your Wardrobe

In the process of сreating a simple and stylish look, the most important thing is to experiment. The more basic pieces you learn to combine, the easier it will be for you to create something more complex and add bright colors to your daily outfit palette.



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