4 Ways To Wear Your Bumblebee Jasper Crystal



Bumblebee Jasper is among the rarest and exquisite stones found on the planet. It is a unique, mystical stone with hidden abilities and potential. Bumblebee Jasper gets its name from their appealing pattern, which is the same as the pattern found on Bumblebees. It is made from volcanic materials and a combination of other sedimentary rocks. It is different from that of the regular Jasper, so some people regard it as an Agate rather than a Jasper.

Bumblebee Jasper is the natural birthstone for people who are born at the start of summer, and its golden color represents the hope of new beginnings and strong optimism. Found on Mount Papandayan in Indonesia and within the volcanoes of Australia, the crystal is said to be linked to a plethora of beneficial energies that you can employ to improve your daily life.

Possessing one will help you choose the best opportunities for yourself and those around you. The stone also makes you more open to new experiences and environments, encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone and explore roads you might not have considered before.

This stone connects you to the divine world and serves as a passageway between you and the spiritual realm, where limitless enlightenment and tranquility await you. Bumblebee Jasper will assist you in giving life to thoughts that were formerly a figment of your mind by breaking down the walls between the physical and metaphysical worlds.

As you can see, Bumblebee Jasper is very beneficial for the soul when kept close to the body. They can also give any outfit a natural, bright, and beaming glow. Here are several ways to wear a Bumblebee Jasper crystal:

  • Bracelet 

A beaded Bumblebee Jasper bracelet is a good choice if you’re aiming for a more casual style. They are ordinarily elastic so they will suit you no matter your arm’s size. They also come in a variety of stone combinations. For instance, a Bumblebee Jasper beaded bracelet can be mixed with Rose Quartz beads. This contrast might provide you with a more radiant look. Another popular style is a silver-plated bracelet with a Bumblebee Jasper stone. This is a terrific choice if you want a classic and simple bracelet for an evening dress.

In spiritual lore, it is said that the hand in which you wear your crystal bracelet has unique meanings. The left hand is the receiving hand, which absorbs positive energy into the body, and the right hand is the giving hand, which expels negative energy from the body. In this way, what you want the stone to provide you is determined by which hand you wear your crystal bracelet on.

  • Necklace 

Necklaces are essential when putting together a look for a special occasion. At a formal event, a Bumblebee Jasper necklace can accentuate an elegant black dress. Similar to beaded bracelets, they can be adjustable and come in various crystal combinations. Customized pieces are also available, where Bumblebee Jaspers in many unique, classic, and creative forms of magnetic necklaces are carved and attached, making them suitable for every occasion.

Additionally, specialists believe that wearing a Bumblebee Jasper necklace helps you feel much more motivated during the day, allowing you to accomplish anything with minimal effort.

  • Ring 

Rings can still complete any outfit, even if you don’t pair it with any other type of jewelry. Bumblebee Jasper rings are available in different types. The stone can be attached to one or two silver-plated bands to make a stunning ring. A golden plate with Bumblebee Jasper is another popular style. This style is intended for a luxurious rather than formal look.

If you want to wear rings for the healing purposes of Bumblebee Jasper, keep in mind which hand you are using. Your dominant hand is your transmitting hand; this is the hand that emits energy. While your non-dominant hand is your receiving hand, it is the hand that draws power to your body.

  • Earrings 

The shape of your face, hair, clothes, and jewelry you choose to pair with them all influence your choice of Bumblebee Jasper earrings. Silver stud earrings with this crystal are popular these days since they can be worn on any occasion with slight alterations.

Bumblebee Jasper earrings can also take the shape of teardrops or longs. If you choose to wear the long ones, you can put your hair up in a bun so that your hair does not hide the exquisite gem. In all its brilliance, the stone will shine out brilliantly against the sterling silver.

When you wear Bumblebee Jasper earrings, you get a different effect than when you wear them as a necklace or bracelet. Crystals on the ears, particularly, help stimulate the highest energy centers of the body and the upper chakras, notably the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. Because you are wearing them higher up on your body, the crystal energy is directed to these places—the energy centers associated with your words and ideas.


Overall, Bumblebee Jasper is one of the most remarkable stones to have on hand if you want appealing and beneficial stones. Wearing one does not just enhance style and elegance, but it has spiritual and physical healing properties as well.

Bumblebee Jasper crystals will undoubtedly breathe life inside you, and you will feel it change your life for the better. All you have to do is wear it how you want it to and keep an open mind, allowing the stone to work its magic.


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