A Soon-To-Be-Bride’s Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress


A wedding dress is one of the vital pieces in a bride’s checklist. However, finding the most suitable wedding gown doesn’t happen overnight; instead, it takes a lot of time, planning, and searching.

So, before saying yes to a dress, you, the bride, must follow some guidelines. This means you have to consider your measurements and body type, among other pertinent details.

Remember that your unique features and sense of style should highly influence the design of your dress. That said, this article gives you some guidelines for finding a dress that’ll leave you feeling confident on your most special day.


Consider Your Theme And Venue

When looking through beautiful wedding dresses take into consideration your wedding looks, as well as the occasion’s theme. For instance, if your wedding theme is modern, sleek dresses will fit in seamlessly. However, if you’re going for a less-traditional piece, dresses with numerous details, such as Madonna pearls, should be among your top choices.

Furthermore, you can opt for a casual cotton dress for a traditional venue. For an outdoor wedding on a hot summer, go for a dress that doesn’t compromise comfort.

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Figure Out Your Budget

Ideally, you should put aside 10% of your wedding budget on your makeup, dress, hair, and accessories. 

The next step is to research the average cost of a wedding dress with some factors in mind. Consider how your apparel’s fabric will influence the cost of your clothing, like silk, lace, tulle, and other extra layers.

In addition, don’t forget to factor in the price of alterations that may be needed to get your gown to perfection.


Factor In Your Measurements And Personal Preferences

If you have your body type in mind, you can indeed find a dress that’ll compliment your best features. You can call ahead for an appointment and explain your choices or how you envision your look. 

Give them as much detail of how you expect your dress to feel, look, and fit with your wedding theme. This information will give your stylist an idea of what to look for in bridal gowns. 

For instance, if you have an hourglass body type, a mermaid dress will flatter and highlight your curves. And, if our bust area is on the smaller side, a deep plunging V-neck and a low back will be more suitable.


Try-On Various Dresses

When going into a bridal salon, be more open-minded, even with a silhouette in mind. Ensure that you try on different dresses and materials that fit your budget. Call ahead for your appointments to make sure you get to see all gowns, including those stored away. 

When going dress shopping, give yourself a whole day to ensure you get a chance to try most dresses. Focus on quality fabrics that will look elegant when paired with classic styles. And choose a designer whose work goes well with your wedding theme and aesthetic.

Remember to factor in your dance moment by going for gowns that allow free movements, such as those made with organza, flowy chiffon, overskirts, and detachable skirts.

Also, don’t hesitate to visit numerous shops; don’t limit yourself to just one bridal salon. Different stores offer different styles and designs, and this range of dresses will help you find the best and the right one. Begin by visiting shops with inexpensive dresses, then work your way up to those offering pricier numbers. Ultimately, make sure you get yourself a dress that’s worth your hard-earned money and which would make you feel the most beautiful on your wedding day.


Be Sure Before Saying Yes

When going for an appointment, take the closest people with you, those whose opinions matter most to you. You can also carry printouts of dresses you like or pictures of dresses from celebrity weddings so you can have looked to refer to them while you go shopping.

Going for bridal salons that conduct sales may guarantee you 25 to 50% off, and these may even include designer gowns. 

However, before settling on a dress, it’s vital to express your personality through a gown that brings out your most authentic self. Make sure that your clothing makes you excited, leaving you feeling ready and beautiful enough to say YES.


Bottom Line

Wedding preparations tend to get stressful, with most brides losing focus when choosing a wedding gown. However, gown shopping should be fun and exciting if you begin early and with an open mind. 

Once you’ve done your research and narrowed down your choices as to the type of dress you’d like to have, try calling ahead for your consultation and letting your stylist guide you to find the right dress. Be sure that the one you’ll choose is comfortable enough to dance in and express your personality.

Visit different bridal salons and try on numerous gowns, even those that don’t interest you. During your appointment, gravitate toward dresses that fit your body type and are made of quality fabrics. Most importantly, what you’ll ultimately choose should make you feel the most beautiful you’ve ever been on your wedding day.


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A Soon-To-Be-Bride’s Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

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Getting the perfect wedding dress can be frustrating and confusing to a soon-to-be bride. But, with the guide we provided, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and ultimately zero in on the best one!


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