7 Tricks You Should Know for Avoiding a Fashion Faux Pas



One thing that can easily ruin your day is experiencing a fashion faux pas. You might have spilled some coffee on a pristine white shirt while you were at work. Or you might have gotten your zipper stuck while you were in a public restroom. 

These situations can happen to anyone and they can be frustrating. While you can never tell when these fashion mishaps will crop up, it always helps to be prepared with the right tools to fix them. The good news is that most of the things you need to avoid a fashion faux pas can be found in your home. You’ll be surprised to find that even the simplest items can really help carry an outfit on difficult days. 

If you want to be ready for any fashion problems that come your way, below are seven tricks that will keep you looking fresh and fabulous wherever you are: 

Cover Up Camel Toe with Tissue

Leggings are valuable additions to any wardrobe. They’re made from stretchable materials that are easy to move in and soft on the skin. They also come in different designs, from dressy to casual, so you can wear them at work or in the gym. With their style and versatility, you might want to buy cotton leggings now. However, do make sure to pick a pair that fits you well so you can flaunt your sleek style with confidence.


Ill-fitting leggings can be a little too form-hugging, and you may end up sporting a noticeable camel toe outline on your crotch. This means that your leggings are much too tight for you, but if you’re already out of the house and unable to change into a new set of pants, no need to worry. Just wrap some tissue around your fingers three times, fold the sheet, slip it inside your underwear, and position it right in the area where the camel toe appears. This should create a smoother look to the front of your leggings. The same method also works great with a panty liner.

Fix a Bad Hair Day with a Hair Tie and Dry Shampoo

Bad hair days can happen and they can be a pain to fix. If you find that your hair isn’t behaving the way it should, you can tie it into a ponytail or pull it up into a bun instead. You can also use accessories to add some extra flair. Wearing a stylish hat, like a beret or newsboy cap, can be a great way to cover up unruly hair.

If your hair needs some extra care but you don’t have the time for a thorough bath, dry shampoo can be a big help. Dry shampoo reduces the oil and dirt in your hair without it having to be washed with water. For example, an intense gym session can make your hair greasy and sweaty but you may want to wait to get home for a shower. For a quick clean, just apply some dry shampoo onto your locks, and voila! You can keep looking—and feeling—fresh throughout the day without any fuss. 

A Stain Remover Pen Is Your Best Friend

Stains are every outfit’s worst enemy. You can get them anywhere and anytime, even when you try your hardest to avoid them. You could opt to wear dark-colored clothes to easily hide stains, but that would limit your wardrobe choices. You could also pack a set of clean clothes and take them wherever you go, but that could be cumbersome when you have several meetings to go to. Luckily, the stain remover pen has made it easier to solve this dilemma. 

A stain remover pen is a small tool that you can easily slip into a purse or pocket. It contains a powerful solution that can get rid of the most stubborn stains. Though some brands include bleach in their pens, you can find pens with no-bleach formulas for all kinds of fabrics. It’s easy to use, too. Uncap the pen and rub it on the affected area. It’s also great for fabric-based shoes with scuffs and stains. Now you can effectively deal with any mess wherever you are. 

Use a Hair Elastic for Those Tight Pants

If your pants are a little too tight, a simple hair tie may be able to save the day. Simply unfasten the button on your pants, loop the hair elastic through the waistband buttonhole, then hook it onto the button. This fix can easily save you from sporting a muffin top while helping you avoid any discomfort while you’re out and about. 

Gloss or Wax a Zipper That’s Stuck

Some zippers have a nasty habit of getting stuck when you need them most. You might be putting on a dress for a formal event only to find that your zipper got stuck. Not being able to zip up your pants while you’re in the restroom can also be a headache. Thankfully, lip gloss or a wax crayon could really help you get that pesky zipper moving. 

Apply some lip gloss (or petroleum jelly) on the area where your zipper is stuck and watch it glide like nothing happened! If you have crayons lying around, rubbing one across the zipper can also set it free in a jiffy. 

Put Some Bandages on Those Blisters

You might own shoes that look amazing but are difficult to wear for long periods. Whether you’re sporting sleek high-heels or ballet flats, there’s always that possibility of gaining blisters from the friction between your skin and shoes. To avoid this, you can apply some anti-blister balm to protect your feet from friction. If you don’t have any anti-blister balm on hand, applying some petroleum jelly or lip gloss onto the affected areas works pretty well. If you feel some blisters beginning to form, you can cover them up with bandages to lessen the discomfort. 

Use Double-Sided Tape for Quick Fixes

Double-sided tape is a must-have for an assortment of fashion fixes. You can use it to adjust the hemmings of your pants if they’re too long. Just fold the ends of your pants to your desired length and securely fasten them with double-sided tape. You can also use the tape to secure a falling bra strap, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of constantly pulling it up. It’s also great for closing the spaces between buttons when you’re wearing your favorite polo. Small but mighty, double-sided tape can help you keep things together (literally). 

Fashion mishaps can happen to anyone and cause a good deal of embarrassment. Although each spill, tear, scuff, and break can feel earth-shattering, it’s never too late to rectify them. The best way of doing this is by equipping yourself with the right tools for a hassle-free fix. With that in mind, it helps to keep a small fashion emergency kit wherever you go. With some resourcefulness and preparation, you’ll soon be a pro at expecting the unexpected. 





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