The first Labradorite was discovered in 1770 in Labrador, hence its name. The precious stone has a greyish surface with a translucent appearance reflecting light from its layers. A blue or gold sparkle is produced by this light, known as ‘labradorescence.’ You can make all kinds of jewelry and statement pieces from this stone, ranging from earrings to necklaces, tiaras, and rings. They can also add a natural, sophisticated, and chic glow to any look.  

More people are opting to wear more natural gemstones as jewelry to give off a timeless ensemble. Moreover, Labradorite pieces are also a perfect gift to buy for someone special. You can get wonderful luminous wholesale labradorite hearts as an excellent piece on its own or for any statement jewelry. Thus, read more to look at the many ways you can wear this beautiful ‘labradorecence’ stone.  

  • Wear It On Its Own 

One of the great things about Labradorite is that it’s one of those stones that can grab attention on its own. Adding Labradorite to your jewelry will make it stand out, especially if you keep the rest of your look minimal. This will become an instant conversation starter when you attend networking functions. 

You can wear a bracelet with only the labradorite stones circling your wrist to add sophistication to your ensemble. You may even experiment with a few hair accessories that have labradorite in their designs.

  • Get A Ring With A Labradorite At Its Centre 

You can add a chic romantic touch to any outfit by wearing a ring with a Labradorite stone at its center. It is well known that this gemstone is very popular among jewelry makers. In addition to the natural appearance of the rock, it has some metaphysical properties.  These properties include reducing anxiety and stress. Additionally, the ring will make it easier for you to benefit from the stone’s healing properties. You can browse and find many beautiful custom pieces of jewelry and gemstones at wholesale prices by visiting the home page of any Labradorite seller.    

  • Use Them As Statement Earrings 

Sterling silver earrings feature labradorite gemstones very often because the stone is prevalent in the jewelry-making industry. These can be any earrings in the form of teardrops, longs, or studs. The stone will stand out beautifully against the sterling silver in all its labradorite glory. 

If you opt to wear long earring pieces, you can tie your hair up into a bun style so that your hair does not hide the beautiful gem. Putting your hair up will make sure the stone has a chance to shine and that it’s not obscured by any hair or hair accessories. 

  • Pair It With Rose Gold 

Labradorite could give off a certain air of timelessness is paired with Rose Gold. The stone has a magnificent luminescence that the Rose Gold accentuates. The shade has become quite popular in fashion circles and the pairing turns heads when worn with a sleek outfit or elegant gown. Hence, it’s perfect for those beautiful nights out. Some global beauty pageants have even incorporated the gem into tiaras and crowns because of its chic and timeless beauty.

  • Match Blue-Toned Labradorite With Complementary Colored Outfits 

A Labradorescence can be either gold or blue and it contrasts well with complementary-colored clothing. Shirts, dresses, skirts, and pants in white, black, or orange and other warm colors go well with blue-toned labradorite. This can quickly turn the stone into the most eye-catching feature of your outfit. Blue-toned Labradorite will pop against these complementary colors and it will prevent any style or color clashing. Hence, keeping the look bright but elegant for any occasion.  


Beautiful labradorite gemstones isolated on white with background copyspace


The jewelry industry loves incorporating the labradorite gem into various pieces, from earrings to stunning necklaces, and fantastic statement pieces for any occasion. You can wear the blue-toned labradorite gem against an ensemble piece that features complementary colors. This will make the stone stand out more, especially if it is the centerpiece of your statement jewelry.

You can also compliment the stone with any rose gold pieces or incorporate it into jewelry made from sterling silver. Just pop it alongside any jewelry you may have as this will add a sophisticated and chic finish to your ensemble.  It’s necessary to choose styling your Labradorite jewelry or statement piece as it will give off an air of elegance and class. You could also benefit from the wonderful metaphysical advantages of the stone. Thus, making this one of the perfect gemstones to wear for any occasion.



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