Plus-Size Fashion Trends For 2022 You Need To Know



If you’re a fashion-loving plus-size lady who enjoys dressing up, shopping and being ahead of the curve when it comes to your outfits, you know that it’s helpful to keep a close eye on trends.

While none of us want to be a slave to trends and only ever copycat what’s popular at the time, keeping a close eye on what the fashion houses are focused on and what may be trendy in the coming months and years is helpful. Here are some plus-size fashion trends for 2022 to keep in mind.

Long Dresses

In summer, don’t feel like you must opt for ill-fitted short dresses that are tight and show more skin than you’d like, just because that may have been popular in recent times. These days, long maxi and midi dresses are all the rage and perfectly suit curvy ladies. Colorful pastel or bright, bold colors and prints are perfect for spring and summer months, so there’s no need to keep things dark and somber, either. Embrace clashing prints, extensive patterns, tulle elements, stripes, spots, and more on dresses that beg to be looked at.


When it comes to cool plus-size clothes for women, the first style at the top of your mind isn’t likely to be pantsuits. However, pantsuits are perfect for curvy ladies as they look elegant, luxurious, and high fashion to boot. They can be worn at a formal event when paired with statement shoes and jewelry and a sexy bralette or shimmery top underneath, worn on date nights with strappy heels, or even at work with a stylish purse, simple shirt, and matching wide belt. Play around with outfit combinations and accessories, and you’ll soon see just how versatile and complementary a pantsuit can be.

Bold Prints

Stock your closet with plenty of bold prints if you want to be on-trend in 2022. Ignore the outdated advice that plus-size women need to wear plain, dark prints and instead say hello to the new year with fun, flirty floral prints, va-va-voom animal prints, striking stripes, snake-print, robust check and plaid designs, funky paisley, polka dots, and more.

Plus, keep an eye out for interesting graphic tees to add to your rotation for some edgy street fashion vibes and patterned mix-and-match trouser and jacket combinations. Use patterns and prints to draw the eye to the most flattering and favored parts of your body and wear them confidently.

Oversized Jackets

Don’t be afraid to kit out your wardrobe with some oversized jackets, too. Add some stylish trench coats to the mix in faux leather or soft velvet materials, or get on the general oversized clothing bandwagon by buying large-cut denim jackets and blazers. Pair them with leggings, ankle boots, and flowy skirts, or straight pants. If you want an of-the-moment street look, consider wearing a hoodie under your big jacket a la celebrities and models, too.

Puffy Sleeves

If you watched Seinfeld back in the day, you might remember one episode that saw Jerry unhappy about having to wear a puffy-sleeved shirt. In 2022, though, the puff is back with a vengeance. Curvy women typically look lovely in full puffy sleeves on a fitted top or a maxi dress with off-the-shoulder ruffles and similar designs. This style choice looks sexy and classy, and designers are adding a modern twist with balloon sleeves on winter sweaters or billowing sleeves added to shirtdresses. You’re sure to find an option in this trend that works for your body shape and tastes.


For many years the idea seems to have been in our culture that bikinis are purely for the young and skinny gals to wear. However, that is an outdated and body-shaming kind of notion that needs putting to rest for good. In 2022, you will find all sorts of beautiful plus-size bikinis on the market as designers and fashion brands reevaluate their sizing choices and bring more swimwear options to the curvy lady market. Just ensure you choose a two-piece swimsuit that offers you the necessary breast support if you’re well endowed in that area.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are another fashion item that have been seen as the domain of smaller-sized women for years. However, this skin-baring option is increasingly popular in the plus-size market and can work beautifully for larger ladies. If you’re unsure about this kind of statement piece, wear one under a jacket or tie up a tee to sit where you feel comfortable.

Plus-size fashion certainly doesn’t need to be boring, and you can find a wide variety of trends to test out or take on board with vigor in 2022.


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