Twin Flame: A Celebrity Fad Or Reality?



Last year, Meghan Fox and Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly grabbed the headlines as they started dating each other in May 2020. However, this was not just another celebrity fling being spiced up for satire but there was a whole new level of twist to the drama. Megan Fox has gone on record to say that Machine Gun Kelly is her twin flame. According to the Transformer star, their relationship transcends the conventional soulmate relationships.

Makes you wonder what twin flame is and how can it be above the highest sort of relationship there’s. However, if experts and celebrity psychics are to be believed, twin flam is a real phenomenon. And, believe it or not, you might have a twin flame in the world. What differentiates twin flame from a regular relationship is that there’s only one twin flame for everyone, while you can have multiple relationships.


That piqued your interest, right? After all, anybody would like to know about their perfect soulmate and the way to find them. However, it’s not easy to do so. One of the ways to do it is to get a psychic reading online to understand who your twin flame could be. To improve your chances of finding your twin flame further, here’s a detailed article to help you understand what it is and how to tell if you have found the one.


Twin Flame Explained


Technically, a twin flame defines an intense soul connection with another person. In this case, Meghan Fox described it as one soul being split into two bodies, which she shared with Machine Gun Kelly. According to the experts, the more apt definition of the twin flame is the “other half” of a person or a mirror soul. A twin flame is one’s soul shared across two separate physical beings. 


As mentioned before, you can only have one twin flame. This is because, since it’s one soul shared by two beings, it’s a journey and connection that cannot be shared with anyone else. Speaking in the context of soul mates, they can be great romantic partners but cannot reach the intensity of twin flame. The reason is that a soul mate is another person that appeals to you and your preferences but a twin flame is you. 


What Does It Mean to Have a Twin Flame?


Experts believe that having a twin soul is all about spiritual growth and the purpose is to awaken your soul. Since a twin flame is your soul in a different body, they make your deepest insecurities and fears known to help with spiritual growth. This is something that’s not comfortable for everyone. 


Having a twin soul means having a mirror shown whenever you are with them. Their mere presence will make you face your doubts and any inadequacies that you think you have. Facing your demons might be scary but they also help you be a better person. 


How to Tell if You Have Found Your Twin Flame?


A new relationship always throws caution out of the window. They bring out the most intense emotions, music, butterflies, and sleepless night. When you’re newly in love with someone, logic and clarity go for a hike. So, how can you tell if you have found your twin flame? When you’re head over heels in love, here are some descriptors that will help you know whether it’s a twin flame.


  • Intense attraction: One of the biggest telltale signs of having met your twin flame is that you instantly relate to the person. There’s this instant sense of recognition and attraction, which many might call love at first sight
  • Matching interests: Another surefire way of knowing that they are your twin flame is having a sense of synchronicity. If you have similar past experiences and too many coincidences, you know you have met your twin flame. With a twin flame, you will find that you share the same moral compass and principles.
  • Heightened emotions: Being with your twin flame will amplify every emotion that you feel. From fear to confidence, every good or bad feeling that you have will feel much stronger and overwhelming at times.
  • Magnified Insecurities: Bear in mind that a twin flame is like a mirror that will show you your fears and securities, things that are holding you back. This serves a greater purpose of helping you through your doubts and come out stronger.
  • Turbulent dynamics: While twin flames can be intensely romantic, they can also be very turbulent. As mentioned before, since a twin flame constantly reminds you of you and your fears, it can be unsettling for many. This turbulence results in tumultuous times when facing your demons and battling powerful emotions gets too much.
  • Inspiration to be better: The best part about having a twin flame is to make you realize your untapped potential and do better. Facing your fears and getting better leads to personal growth that’s unparalleled.


By now we are pretty sure you can tell a twin flame from a soulmate. Truly speaking, a soulmate sounds like a stalemate when compared to a twin flame. A twin flame relationship will make you question yourself and even throw in the towel at times. But if you go through with it, you’ll come out a better person in love with someone who is basically you.


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