Top Fashion Trends Expected Next Year


With all the changes that the world has experienced in the last two years, there are some exciting fashion trends expected for 2022. Where fashion trends were determined by high-profile designers and catwalk runways a decade ago, fashion as of late is largely to do with social media.

Everyone is looking to their online friends and favorite celebrities for the next big thing in fashion. There has also been a shift into more gender-neutral clothing, offering far more choices to every kind of person out there. Many styles nowadays are considered retro with more of a 90s look and feel, and here are just a few that you can expect to see next year.

Boiler Suits

Yes, like Maverick in Top Gun. They were first designed for coal miners because a one-piece outfit better protected the workers against accumulated soot. Boiler suits are becoming popular again. The style is all-in-one that takes the chore out of looking for a cute top to match your pants. All you need to choose is your shoes and you are set. 

Boiler suits are mostly made from heavy denim as they are essentially working overalls, but you can get cotton or polyester that is much lighter to wear. These suits are both practical and comfortable, plus they look good on any body shape. When you shop around for one, just be sure to choose a size that matches your chest measurements as they are cut very differently from other suits. 

Oversized Jackets and Winter Coats

Oversized jerseys and jackets used to be all the rave in the mid-90s. It was popular to see a woman in a cardigan or winter coat that was easily three sizes too big for her. The result is that you can make yourself look slimmer with an oversized coat.

Winter is just around the corner and will be around for a few months, so prepping for the cold with a warm winter coat is something you should already be doing. Trenchcoats have just come back into fashion and the colorful printed ones are most popular. You can find some unique styles with Tribal Outwear specific to winter that can be worn in the coldest of temperatures.

Bohemian Everything

Twisted flowers and plant prints are not just for the hipsters of the decade. The Bohemian style has always been seen as a way to look more feminine, but there is nothing wrong with that. These vintage styles go well with any bright colors, so pair some boho pants with a yellow t-shirt.

Bohemian styles aren’t limited to flowers though, and many designs use interesting textures and various patterns to create a layered effect. If you are looking for a relaxed style to wear next season, you cannot go wrong with boho-chic.

Next year is all about exploring new styles while incorporating some of the older customs and traditions. The culture around fashion lately is that everyone wants to stand out with bold colors and vibrant designs. These few expected trends are just the tip of what is to come and you can be sure to see an outfit you could never have imagined.


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