Things To Do In Melbourne With Your Kids




Things To Do In Melbourne With Your Kids

Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and is a great place to explore for kids and their parents. If you are heading to Melbourne with your family and wondering the best things to do with your kids, this article is absolutely for you. We can assure you that you have come to the right place because we are putting the must-go places and must do things all together in this handy guide to help you spend a lovely time in Melbourne.

This guide will tell you about all the best things to do in Melbourne for kids and some family activities.

7 Things To Do In Melbourne With Your Kids

Melbourne has so much to see and do. Whether you are visiting for the first time or you call Melbourne your second home, this guide will help you enjoy Melbourne in many ways. We are suggesting all the free or very low-cost things to be affordable for everyone who is reading this article.

Circle Tram Tour

If you are in Melbourne, you really cannot ignore the impressive tram network. The red and green historic circle trams is an excellent introduction to the city. You can come aboard the tram, and this is a free yet fun activity for your kids, and they will absolutely love the moving vehicles. You can start your trip near federation square and spend up to 50 minutes making the loop. But the good news is that you can, at any point in time, hop on and off to spend some time in the circle tram tour.

Visiting The Federation Square

While visiting Melbourne with your kids, don’t miss a visit to federation square. Here you will find many brochures of what to do in Melbourne and Victoria. If you want to travel by public transit, you can book tours and by your Myki card from here. That way, you will make your Melbourne trip very inexpensive and hassle-free. If you want to travel outside the free tram zone, you must buy a Myki card beforehand, as trams in Melbourne do not accept cash. Federation Square is centrally located near most of the important sites of Melbourne.

Royal Botanical Gardens

The royal botanical gardens are so large and impressive that you can spend your entire day exploring the various areas of the gardens. Though they were established back in 1846, you still can be awestruck by their glory. The royal botanical gardens are in the South of the Yarra River, and to enter the garden, you need to cross the bridge from the federation square or Flinders stations. If your kids like to enjoy the free guided tours, please go ahead. If not, you should straight go to the Ian Porter foundation children’s garden. Your kids can explore the wet play area and the bamboo forest here.

Cycling Through The Yarra

We have already mentioned about Yarra river a bit ago. And one of the most active things for your kids to do in Melbourne is renting some bikes and heading towards the east from the central business district. Melbourne’s pedestrian and bicycle path is perfect for your kids, no matter how old they are. They can enjoy the sights of the river and the botanical gardens while cycling. If your kids are comfortable cycling 4 kilometres east, you can reach the Burnley bouldering wall. Your kids can enjoy climbing the wall, and this activity is entirely free.

Visiting The Queen Victoria Market

You cannot miss visiting the Queen Victoria market when in Melbourne, especially with your kids. If you are visiting Melbourne during weekends, your kids will love watching the hustle-bustle of the market. But if you have younger kids, the market can be a little overwhelming as it’s too crowded. You can find lots of homemade treasures and food stalls in this market.

The Giant Ferris Wheel

When in Melbourne, you definitely don’t want to miss a 360-degree view over the city by taking a ride on the Melbourne Star. It is a giant Ferris wheel with audio commentary. And your kids will learn the most about Melbourne’s major sites and landmarks while being on this ride. You can book a ride online in advance.

Melbourne Museum

Kids love the museum. And visiting the Melbourne museum will be great with your kids as there are things for kids of all ages. There are giant fossils and dinosaur walk to capture the kids’ attention, and they can spend a lot of time in here. This place will also help your kids learn about the history of Melbourne.


There are many more great things to do in Melbourne with kids. From beaches to cycling to parks to museums, your kids are definitely going to love their time in this great city. There are also some of the best playgrounds in Melbourne where your kids can spend some time apart from the above activities.



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