7 Easy Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know in 2021


7 Easy Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know in 2021


Body positivity is a massive deal for women – now more than ever. Ladies should feel comfortable under their skin as they try out whatever fashion trends they fancy. Dressing up makes them feel better about themselves, but it does require a few skills in the right places.

Therefore, ladies need to take charge of their fashion life and avoid beauty companies dictating what they should wear. Below are seven essential tips every woman should know for herself in 2021. These tips would allow you to keep being glamorous and chic everywhere you go.

Organize your Closet

You’ll have to start from somewhere on your journey to fashion mastery. The first step is crucial, and you’ll have to start by looking within your closet. You have to do that before you go out on a shopping spree.

It’s essential to clear out and organize your wardrobe for a start. It helps you to “recalibrate” and take account of how many relevant fashion items you own. Also, you’ll declutter your closet when you organize it – an excellent way to begin on a “less is more” note.

Typically, you begin by sorting the clothes: from the dresses to the denim and skirts. Then, you work your way down to the items you rarely use. Fold the garments you intend to keep. If you’ve got antique style engagement rings and other jewelry, it’s best to arrange them separately. You can also get accessories for styling your hair.

Be Comfortable with your Body Type

You’ve to understand and embrace your body type. It helps if you look into a mirror and take time to appreciate your dimensions. Bear in mind that being comfortable with your body makes it much more convenient to pick out the right clothes to look good.

Typically, there are many different body types: hourglass, rectangle, inverted triangle, pear-shaped body types, etc. Each of them has its uniqueness which can get amplified once you start wearing something comfy.

Find yourself a Good Tailor

Next thing, you’ll need to get a good tailor worth their salt. Don’t forget that a fashionable dress should be about “you.” It should be comfortable and perfectly fit your body. You’ll need a tailor that can reflect that in their designs.

You may need to adjust some of your existing clothes to make them better or fit them out with accessories and a new measurement to get a different look. Finding a good tailor can help you transform your ordinary clothes into something more fashionable.

Go All-in on Patterns

Patterns are an excellent way to accentuate clothing. You can exploit them to look fashionable every day, every week. Generally, printed patterns add more flair to the dress, much more than a plain design would. You can try a different one each time to add more character to your beauty.

Also, patterns are suitable for highlighting strengths and subduing flaws. For instance, a vertical-striped blouse can make you look taller, while chevron patterns can make you look trimmer.

Throw in a Scarf

Scarves are like the Swiss Army knife of fashion. You can throw it on any clothing, and it immediately adds the chic factor. Wearing something casual? You can level up the look with a scarf. Need a little more sass and pizzazz? Wearing a scarf on a simple t-shirt and shorts would do the trick.

What’s more, scarves are also an excellent way to accentuate your bag or shoes once their colors match. Get yourself a scarf – or two – and you can get your fashion game on the heat!

Have a White Shirt

As you try out different designs and dresses, it’s best to reserve space for a white shirt in your closet. That’s because white shirts – especially the button-down types – can be a basis for whatever fashion statement you want to make. They go with just about anything you might have: shorts, denim, skirts – all of it. 

Find your Color Palate

It’s fun to play with colors, but do you know that some hues agree with you more than others? You’d want to flatter your skin, so pick a color that accentuates your complexion. If your skin tone is on the cooler side, blue and green are suitable colors you can pick. Red, gold, and yellow are at home with warmer undertones. Stock your wardrobe accordingly and watch your fashion index soar!

Wrapping up

You’re beautiful just the way you are and don’t need anyone to tell you differently. Unfortunately, fashion and beauty companies try to define “beautiful” for you in a bid to sell you more products.

The key is listening to yourself and focusing on fashion trends that look good on you and feel comfortable. The tips mentioned above are an excellent way to begin the journey to a better and more fashionable you. 

Author’s BIO: Lori Wade is a content writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from wedding design and fashion trends to wedding business and sharing her ideas. If you are interested in relationships, weddings & fashion, you can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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