How To Use Jewelry To Improve Your Outfit


How To Use Jewelry To Improve Your Outfit


How do you feel when you wear your favorite outfit with no jewelry?  It’s like the outfit is missing something. Jewelry can be a great accessory for any outfit, and it doesn’t have to break the bank to find pieces that will make your look complete. Here are some tips on how to use jewelry in different outfits.


Choosing the right jewelry for your outfit

Jewelry can be a great finishing touch to your outfit, but it’s important that you choose the right pieces for each look. 


The first step is making sure the color of your jewelry matches what you’re wearing. If you have on a dark blue dress and black heels, then don’t wear silver earrings. The professionals from Maxferd jewelry advise avoiding having two different colored metals next to one another or else this will just make everything clash together instead of complementing each other. Let’s say you do have a gold necklace in mind, but think about if there are any other gold accessories like those shoes? Try pairing them with something silver instead since it’ll break up all the same colors and won’t compete against one another as two gold items would.


Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of neckline you have on your outfit, as this can change the type of jewelry that looks best with it. Wearing a low-cut top? Go for a necklace or earrings that rest at the base of your throat instead of a chunky statement piece that rests right above it since wearing two necklaces together here will give an awkward look and won’t be aesthetically pleasing.

Matching colors with your wardrobe

Plenty of people make the mistake of thinking that wearing gold jewelry will automatically match with anything. While it might not be as noticeable if you wear silver accessories, try pairing your outfit with something different like copper instead to avoid this problem. 


Silver is cool-toned while gold has warm undertones which means that they’re opposites on the color wheel and won’t look great together unless you pair them with something neutrally toned or one matches better than the other depending on how dark/light each item’s shade happens to be.


The goal here should always be for all your pieces to work well together so don’t worry about trying out new things because even though certain colors go together more often than others (red & green are complimentary), it’s always best to mix up your wardrobe and try something new. The only way you’ll know if you truly look good together is by trying it out, so don’t be afraid to experiment with colors.

Using jewelry in different outfits

Jewelry can add a finishing touch to any outfit, but what matters most about this accessory is that the pieces work well with each other. You could wear one necklace or bracelet on its own in an outfit since they’re usually statemented pieces, but when wearing two (or more) at once then make sure all of them complement each other instead of having clashing colors as we mentioned above. 


It would be hard for anyone else to tell if there was anything wrong unless they were color-blind though depending on what you’re wearing so if this is something that would bother you then it’s best to choose one piece of jewelry instead.

Earrings can make a huge difference to an outfit

Earrings are a great accessory to use with different looks, and they’ll complete your outfit whether you’re going out somewhere special or just having a casual day. They aren’t something that needs to match the color of your outfit since most earrings will stand out enough on their own without clashing against anything else so it’s best to wear whatever style you like even if it doesn’t go well together with what you have on at first glance.

Necklaces are great for adding detail

Much like earrings, necklaces can be worn with different styles and won’t clash against the rest of your clothes unless they’re very similar in color. The best way to wear them is by choosing a style that’s simple since it’ll go well with whatever you have on and will look great from all angles because these types of accessories aren’t usually something people notice right away. 


If you want to make sure this isn’t lost then choose a necklace or bracelet that has an interesting detail such as unique gemstones or shapes instead so there’s no question about why someone might be staring at you when wearing these items together in one outfit.

Bracelets can be used as a focal point

Since bracelets are something that people often notice immediately, it’s best to be very careful about what you wear with them. Matching everything exactly can look too matchy-matchy so instead of choosing an outfit by color then go for the style first since this is how your eye will naturally move when looking at someone from head to toe. 


A bracelet matching a necklace or earrings won’t always work well together though depending on their size and shape which means there aren’t any hard rules here other than wearing whatever makes you feel good.

Watches can add an elegant touch to your outfit

Watches are a great accessory to use with different outfits and can be worn with anything from casual clothes to formal dresses depending on the one you choose. When wearing a watch, it’s best to match its color so it looks like part of your outfit instead of being something that was added for fashion purposes since this is how most people will see them at first glance. Watches come in many styles such as leather bands which look good when paired with any type of clothing or metal bracelets which work better against more formal outfits where watches would naturally fit into anyway.

Jewelry is a great way to add detail and elegance to any outfit. It can also be used in different ways depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re feeling like your current jewelry selection isn’t working, take some time this week to re-evaluate the pieces that are currently in your wardrobe or closet. You may find that one of these tips will help make it easier when deciding how best to accessorize an outfit.

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