A Quick Guide To Buying Sexy Lingerie Sets




A Quick Guide To Buying Sexy Lingerie Sets


One of the basic clothing pieces every woman should own is lingerie. It’s beautiful, elegant, feminine, and, sexy. When confidence starts from within, you’ll want to exude that confidence in whatever you’re wearing. Whether it’s for yourself or your partner, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re comfortable wearing it.

If you don’t own one, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade from your basic underwear to something more age-appropriate such as sexy lingerie sets. The right one could make you feel sexy no matter your body shape and size. It must also be cozy enough to take you through long hours at work.  You could also be changing into a fancier and more body-shaping set for a night out with friends or your significant other.

Read through this article if you want to have the ultimate guide to walk you through the process of buying sexy lingerie sets.


Start Simple

When you’re still finding your way through the world of lingerie, it’s important not to overwhelm yourself. Starting with the basics is always a no-fail. By basic sets, this means the usual bra and panty set. This is important so you can know your lingerie size. Make sure it doesn’t just look good on your body type, but also keeps you snug and warm.

Once you already get the hang of the basic bra and panty set, that’s when you can move to other pieces. You may choose three-piece sets, including garters and fishnet stockings. Surely, you’ll have yourself feeling like a femme fatale.


Go For The Safe Choice

Choosing the right color matters. Whenever you’re unsure or doubtful, you can never go wrong with black lingerie.  Black is always universally flattering with any skin color. It enables you to have that perfect balance of being classy and elegant while still looking sexy and sultry.  You might want to consider buying black lingerie for your first set.


Choose What You Feel Good In

There might be an instance where the set looks great on the model. But, are you sure that’s something you’ll feel good about? Wearing sexy lingerie is also about the confidence you feel while wearing it. So, if you’re self-conscious and you don’t feel sexy wearing your chosen lingerie sets, then it’s just not working out for you. There are many lingerie types to choose from, such as bralettes, thongs, and bodysuits. It’s up to you to choose the one you feel most confident in wearing.


Know Your Size

Like buying an ordinary set of bras and panties, size is always the key. It’s no use buying lingerie when it doesn’t fit you or make you feel pleasant while wearing it. A lingerie that’s too tight will make you feel uneasy while lingerie that’s too loose is unflattering.

To be safe, always follow the same size as your usual bra and panty size. If you’re unsure about your size, don’t rush the lingerie shopping process. You may always ask help to properly measure your size from the store’s sales representative.


Choose The Type Which Suits Your Breasts

Women have different breast types. This means what looks good and comfortable for the model or mannequin may not necessarily be true for you. If you want to choose the best lingerie set for you, this means taking extra effort in choosing the lingerie type which suits your breasts.

If you have small breasts and you’d want it to look bigger, you might want to for a padded bra. If you already have bigger boobs, the padded bra may only make you look extra heavy.


Look For Top Quality


Yes, you’re certainly going to find a lot of sexy lingerie brands, both with physical and online stores. But, not all of those are top quality. Buying sexy lingerie is just like buying ordinary underwear, you have to choose its quality. All the more is this necessary with buying lingerie where the fabric is often more delicate than is the case with ordinary underwear. The last thing you’ll want is for your thin, sexy, lace fabric to tear apart while you’re wearing it.  Sometimes it might be a wise investment to pay a little extra cash for a better quality of lingerie.

Most importantly, sexy lingerie that is high quality usually has the best type of fabric. This can ensure your comfort even more as the fabric itself feels gentler and softer on your skin.


Know The Trends

Sexy is still a fashion piece, so it follows too that there are also trends surrounding sexy lingerie. If you’re the type to buy new ones so often, then it’s a great idea to get to know the trends and choose what’s in style. To choose what’s trendy, it’s best to shop around and ask the sales representative of the lingerie store you’re buying from for ideas.


Learn How To Take Care Of Your Lingerie

A significant part of buying lingerie also entails learning how to care for it. After all, sexy lingerie sets aren’t made to be a one-time-use piece of clothing. The thing about lingerie is you’re naturally dealing with more delicate materials. 

The lingerie needs a gentler approach to washing than your other clothing pieces. It may not always be a good idea to put it with your other clothes in the washing machine. In most instances, hand washing your lingerie would suffice. If you have to put your lingerie in the washing machine, keep the hooks closed and place it all in a mesh bag. By doing so, it stays within its little bag.  Thus, it gets protected from your other clothing pieces.



With the guide above, you can now finally head off to shop for lingerie. You might have all the information you need to find the best lingerie for you. No matter the style or set you purchase, what matters most is your choice.  Choose what makes you feel positive, sexy, and satisfied. The guide above could lift your worries away when it comes to shopping for sexy lingerie.

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