5 Pro Fashion Tips To Feel Your Best During Homecoming 



Your school’s homecoming dance is one of the most anticipated events in your life. While it’s a less formal event compared to prom, it’s the perfect chance to show off your fashion skills and mingle with other students.  

As you prepare for the homecoming dance, you need to ensure that everything goes well so you can have one of the best nights of your life. The last thing that you want is to end the night with a sore foot and a dress that’s falling apart. Even if it’s going to be history, it’s a memory you don’t wish to keep with you.  

Moreover, listed below are five pro fashion tips to feel your best during homecoming:  

  1.     Purchase The Right Dress

No matter how fashionable your clothing is, if you can’t make a single move comfortably while wearing it, you might not be able to enjoy the night at all. All you can do is watch people dance and have fun while you stay in your corner, as a single move might scare you of ripping your dress apart. With that said, looking for comfortable clothing is a must if you want to have fun.  

Fortunately, there are plenty of homecoming dresses you can choose from. You can choose to shop online or see them in-store so you can determine what would look great on you. You can either wear a formal dress or go in fun colors to celebrate your youth. Just ensure that you choose a dress that you’ll be happy to wear as it can make you feel good about yourself.  

  1.     Choose Comfortable Shoes

During your homecoming, you’ll probably dance and walk all night long with your friends. You’ll spend most of your time standing up rather than sitting down as you want to savor every moment of the night. So, you should purchase comfortable shoes so you can have fun without worrying about sore feet.  

If you’re wearing heels, try to fit them first and see if it’s something you’re comfortable wearing for the entire night. Ideally, you should go with adjustable straps so you can easily loosen them up when your feet get tired. Looking for heels with an added platform would be helpful in preventing your feet from being in an awkward position for too long.  

Alternatively, if you’re going with leather or closed shoes, ensure that they use comfortable materials and will fit perfectly to your feet, especially with your socks on. This will help prevent any blisters, which will never be a treat for your feet.  

  1.     Consider A Two-Piece Dress

If your school allows it, you should consider wearing a two-piece dress, as it can help make you feel at your best during the night. While it might sound revealing, a two-piece dress is a crop top with a high-waist skirt that can only expose at least an inch of your skin, giving you a formal look but still being trendy and preppy.  

There are plenty of two-piece dresses that you can choose from. Moreover, you can also play with fabric choices such as lace, velvet, jersey knit, or taffeta. The choice will depend on your dress design and which fabric you’re most comfortable wearing.  

  1.     Ensure The Right Fit

Even with the most fashionable homecoming dress and shirt, if they don’t fit well on your body, you might not feel comfortable and stylish all through the night. You can boost your confidence during homecoming by ensuring that what you wear fits your body perfectly. This will make you feel good about yourself and won’t shy away when taking great pictures on your phones.  

If you cannot find the right fit but found the perfect clothing, you should purchase one size larger than your usual size and bring it to an atelier for size adjustments. This will help to guarantee that every inch will hug your body perfectly, allowing you to have the perfect attire.  

  1.     Don’t Forget To Wear Accessories

While wearing a dress or a shirt and shoes is all you need to attend your homecoming night, you should consider adding accessories to boost your appearance. This will help prevent you from looking too plain, especially if you’re going for a simple dress or shirt.  

For instance, if you’re planning to wear a shirt and tie, you should wear a formal watch that has enough shine on it. In modern times, going for an extra sparkly wristwatch might not be ideal unless you’re trying to steal the spotlight.  

As you choose to wear a dress, try to match it with a necklace appropriate to the neckline. However, if you’re going with high-neck clothing, you should consider wearing a statement earring or bracelet to complete the look. But if what you’re wearing is already sparkly, you should consider wearing minimal accessories to avoid over-accessorizing yourself.  


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Your school’s homecoming dance is one of the most exciting days of your life. With that, you want to ensure that you make the most of the night by allowing yourself to be as fashionable as you can be. Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt to wear comfortable clothes and shoes so you can go through the night without constantly thinking about how you’ll relieve yourself from the pain.


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