Popular Products Still Proudly Made in America



Popular Products Still Proudly Made in America

We live in a global marketplace dominated by the world wide web. What this means is, you can sell products just as easily on the African continent as you can in your homebase of the U.S. But what about the manufacturing of products? This too has become a global phenomenon whereby the lowest bidder usually gets the contract. Sneakers are made in Vietnam, steel is processed in China, cars are put together in Mexico, and on and on. 

But according to some new data compiled by Consumer Reports, Americans overwhelmingly still support products made in the U.S. Be it baseball bats, union made shirts, or even chocolate candy (which is still a favorite gift for Valentine’s day), the “Made in the U.S.” label still stands for quality and craftsmanship.   

That said, here are some “iconic brands” that are still manufacturing their products in the good ole’ US of A. 

The Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

Is there anything more American than baseball? According to lore, Bud Hillerich who hailed from Louisville, Kentucky, made the first baseball batback in 1866. It was improved upon and later in 1884 crafted for the baseball player, Pete Browning, who was also known as the Louisville Slugger. That was the start of the Louis Slugger franchise which is still in business to this day and a favorite among pro players. 

The Wilson Football

If baseball is America’s number one pastime, football has got to be a close second. Wilson happens to be one of the best known names in the sports industry. They are especially known for their footballs which are a favorite among high school and college NCAA football programs. 

The Waring Blender

Still considered the first blender ever introduced in the U.S., the Waring blender is said to be one of the leading manufacturers of feed-service industry appliances. They also are a leader in laboratory equipment. But every single blender is still manufactured proudly in America. 

TheKitchenAid Stand Mixer

The Kitchen Aid stand mixer has a history that goes all the way back to 1941 when it was first constructed in its Ohio factory. It’s still being constructed there 80 years later by over 700 union employees. 

The Rada Knife

Since 1948, Rada Cutlery which is located in Waverly, Iowa, has been making cutting edge cutlery (no pun). Says a Rada Manufacturing executive, Rada has been able to proudly continue their “Madein the USA” tradition since their many employees do their best day in and day out to ensure both manufacturing efficiency and elimination of waste. 

They are able to do this at every stage of the production process from manufacturing, to packaging, to shipping. One of their most popular products is said to be a seven-piece “starter set” consisting of tomato slicer, vegetable peeler, paring knife, super parer, cook’s knife, bread knife, and finally, a slicer knife. 

Cookware by Regal Ware 

Known for making Boy Scout canteens more than a century ago, Regal Ware has grown into one of the largest American made manufacturers of high-quality, gravity-cast, multi-ply cookware. As of 1976, the company had produced more than five million cookware products which means they’ve no doubt produced millions upon millions more since that time. 

The Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet

Founded by Joseph Lodge way back in 1896 in Tennessee, where the company is still located today, the Lodge season carbon-steel and seasoned cast-iron skillets are made in the USA and says the company website, “always will be.” 

Included in the company’s product line is the famous, 10 ¼-inch preseasoned cast-iron skillet. A favorite among cowboys working the trail a century ago and young Generation Z foodies living in New York City high-rises today.  

Pyrex Glassware

The American kitchen theme continues with Pyrex Glassware which has been designed and manufactured in the U.S. for many generations and used by professional and non-professional bakers and cooks all over the country. For only $25 you can acquire a four-piece set of Pyrezmeasuring cups, the largest of which holds up to eight cups, meaning it can also be used as a mixing bowl. 

The Gibson Guitar

Maybe rock n’roll began with Elvis Presley in the mid-1950s, but it’s said that Orville Gibson made his first guitar in Kalamazoo, Michigan way back in 1894. Every Gibson guitar, electric and acoustic, are still made in the U.S., but today the manufacturing plant is located in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The company is said to construct an amazing 2,500 brand new guitars each week. What’s more amazing is that they are mostly made by hand by close to 500 employees. One of the all-time favorites among famous rockers is the solid-body electric model. 

The Hershey’s Kiss

Hershey Pennsylvania is synonymous with chocolate and for over a century, the Hershey Company has been located there. While Hershey produces chocolate products the world over, more than 70 million Hershey’s Kisses are produced in Hershey, PA, every day. 


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