Reduce Redness for Brighter Looking Eyes in a New York Minute


New York Fashion Week 2021 may not take place in the traditional way, but the show must go on! Whether models are strutting the catwalk at socially distanced in-person shows, or catching “oohs and ahs” from viewers sitting at their computers in the virtual front row, NYFW is sure to amaze. From jaw-dropping fashion to inspirational beauty and more, we find ourselves searching how to get the looks from our favorite shows.


If it’s how to get runway worthy eyes – Celebrity Makeup Artist and LUMIFY® brand ambassador, Vincent Oquendo, is spilling the tea on how to get the best NYFW inspired eye-looks from his first-hand experience behind the scenes; and for Vincent this could mean backstage at Lincoln Center or doing the look on the fly in the back of a moving taxi between shows.


“You know what doesn’t go with the latest neon-colored eye trend?” says Oquendo, “Red eyes!” His little secret for making eyes look more vibrant starts with reducing redness to help eyes look whiter and luminous. “If your eyes are red, start with LUMIFY® redness reliever eye drops. These amazing drops work in just 1 minute, helping eyes look more beautiful and photo-ready for up to 8 hours… this will be an important step to help your eyes shine with a bold, neon look, as bright colors can make your eyes appear dull.” Your eyes will look refreshed from the moment you dash out the door until you step into the hottest after-party. Plus, the bottle is small, so it’s easy to stash in your bag for those last-minute touch ups if your eyes become red again.


“I’m all about adventurous colors, and once you reduce eye redness, you’ll be ready to really play up the look.” says Oquendo. “And trust me when I say LUMIFY can help eyes look brighter and whiter in a New York minute.”


For more NYFW beauty tips from Vincent Oquendo, please feel free to reach out and we can coordinate interviews. We’d also be happy to provide a sample for editorial consideration!


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