Top Tips On How To Have More Orgasms And Boost Your Sexual Satisfaction


For many people, having one orgasm during sex can be challenging enough, so the idea of achieving multiple might seem entirely impossible. However, this doesn’t have to be the case at all. Orgasms are triggered by the combination of emotional fulfillment, nerve stimulation, and hormonal release. Knowing exactly how these joint forces can bring you to the peak in bed can help make your sexual satisfaction even greater. Not only that, but the more you know about your body, the more times you will be able to feel the ultimate pleasure. This article has some tips on how to achieve multiple organisms and has a more satisfactory sex life.

Develop Triggers

As your body prepares for the climax, it will give you some signals when it’s ready to go over the peak. So, if you want this to happen more frequently, you must listen to your body carefully. Observe the change in your breathing when you are about to climax, and when you want to get there next time, you can try to emulate this. Similarly, you can do this any other small signs your body gives you, like curling your toes or flexing your spine. Your brain will learn how to make the connection between these sensations and the event that follows – and eventually, you will be able to trigger the response when you want. Additionally, learning what turns you on enough will also make you understand how to push yourself over the edge when the time comes. The best way to do this is to take your sexual satisfaction into your own hands – literally.

Work on Your Technique

The path toward climax can be different for each individual, however, there are some things that can make your time in bed more enjoyable. For example, instead of just focusing on getting the orgasm that you feel building, you can teach yourself a technique that will keep you in a highly aroused state for much longer. By taking yourself almost to the point of climax then stopping for a couple of seconds before climbing back again, you can trigger much longer orgasms. When the first happens, this evokes the forming of the next one, and you will be able to build up the pleasure over and over again. Another way you can ensure more satisfaction in bed is by changing up your routine. Whether it’s playing around with a partner or working on your own – switching to a new technique will spice things up.

Pelvic Exercises

Sometimes, in order to achieve the fulfillment you desire, you will have to put in a little more effort and time to physically prepare your body. Strong pelvic floor muscles will provide you with more intense and long-lasting orgasms, as well as keep up the intense blood flow to your genitalia much longer, allowing you to reach a peak multiple times. Fortunately, women have an easy way to make sure their pelvic (Kegel) muscles are toned, just by doing a simple daily exercise. By clenching and releasing these for just five minutes a day, you could help them activate much more during orgasm, which will bring even more benefits. Strengthening your muscles will allow for a tighter feel during sex, which is another sure way to receive more pleasure much easier and faster.

Take Your Time

Rushing things along will never get you to the next orgasm after your first one. Forcing it to happen will only cause discomfort for both you and your partner, and this could kill the mood entirely. Sex and relationship coaches at Rebel Love also advise building up each of your climaxes more gradually, as doing this will allow you to have more of them without overtaxing your body. After your first orgasm, take a moment to relax and breathe, but keep yourself stimulated on some level. Keep touching your partner and talking to them about what you are in the mood for doing. Regulating your breathing between the rounds will also help your body have enough oxygen, which plays a huge role in reaching orgasm for a second or third time. If your breathing is kept within healthy limits, the blood will continue to flow toward your genitals, and you will stay stimulated.

Stimulate Yourself

If you’re expecting your body to reach fulfillment over and over again, you will have to switch up the trigger each time you want it to happen. You can begin with oral stimulation, then move over to sex, or the other way around – it’s entirely up to you. Apart from making the climax happen a lot quicker, this technique will also guarantee that your time in bed will never be boring or disappointing. Your partner will appropriate this as well, and they would much more likely get in the mood for round two if things are taking some interesting turns. Remember, motivation is the key to pleasure for both you and your partner. The more motivated the two of you are, the less it will take for the climax to come.

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the reasons you may have trouble climaxing more is because you probably haven’t practiced enough what takes you there. Instead of just letting it happen spontaneously, learn what sensation, touches, and movements from you and your partner work the best. Or, you can begin bringing yourself over the edge and then continue with round two with your partner. As you are stimulated from your first round, you can build up the pressure much faster for the second one. Learning your own rhythm and showing it to your partner will also make it enjoyable for them, and their pleasure can act as a huge booster for your own.

Orgasms have several beneficial effects on your body. They improve your general state of health, provide more stamina for exercise, and trigger the release of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone helps to strengthen your emotional connection with your partner, leading to better sex life, which, in turn, further helps you bond. So, essentially, the trick to having multiple orgasms is to practice – the more times you feel pleasure, the better your chances of it happening again.


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