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In most cases, playing golf is enjoyable when the skies are clear, and the weather is warm.  Unfortunately, not all days are equal. You might plan to play golf on a particular day, and you encounter bad weather, which might not be suitable for playing golf. Low temperatures, harsh winds, and rain are not fair weather conditions for playing golf. They can completely ruin your excellent golf playing skills, which you have been practicing for a long time. On the other hand, great weather always produces great shots. 

However, having bad weather does not mean that you shouldn’t play golf. There are ways you can maneuver and play the game without having so much difficulty. You only need to prepare yourself well in equipment and clothing, and you are good to go. When starting, it can be a complete disaster when playing golf in bad weather. However, with a few adjustments here and there, you will be a pro among your teammates. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to play golf in bad weather.

Playing Golf in the Rain

The rainy season is the worst obstacle you can encounter while playing golf. The fields are wet and muddy, and this can throw away every technique you will use in swinging the ball. The best way to prepare yourself for the rainy season is by getting waterproof gear and staying protected to focus on the game. With the right gear, you won’t suffer inconveniences while in the field. Here are some ways to adjust yourself. 

Wear the right clothes

Not wearing the right gear can bring you some health issues. First, you will eventually get soaked, get cold, and eventually become sick. To avoid this, you have to put on several layers of clothing. You can start with a tight layer to protect your skin before adding the traditional golf shorts and other outwear clothing. Also, it would be best to get yourself light raincoats to keep the rainwater away. 

Wear Waterproof Golf Shoes

With rain and wet areas, finding your balance in the golf field will be challenging, wildly, when swinging your shots. Therefore, you will require some stable shoes to hold you firmly on the wet ground. Also, water in your shoes can cause discomfort in your feet, among other inconveniences. Therefore, it is essential to get waterproof golf shoes that are comfortable but sealed, preventing water from getting into your feet. They also have outsoles and spikes that hold firmly on the ground, preventing falling and other inconveniences when swinging. 

Wear Gloves

Of course, wet weather is disadvantageous to your hands when holding the golf club. This situation means that you will need appropriate gloves to protect your hands and hold the club well when making a swing. Here, a traditional leather glove won’t do much, and it’s crucial if you could get a heavy-duty, water-resistant glove that doesn’t affect your playing session. Besides keeping your fingers warm and holding the club perfectly, these gloves keep the rainwater away.  

Keep yourself Covered: Besides wearing the above clothing, you also need to keep yourself covered where possible. For example, you can get yourself a high-quality umbrella, enough to cover your body and your items, or have your golf cart fitted with an umbrella. Also, get plastic covers and a waterproof blanket to protect your items when playing in the field. 

Playing Golf in the Cold

Playing golf in the cold might require the exact items needed when playing golf in the rain since the circumstances do not differ much. However, in some cases, the cold can affect your playing more than when playing it in the rain. This means that you need to be extra careful when preparing yourself against this weather condition. Here are some ways.

Cover Up

The best way to counterattack the cold is by covering yourself up to keep warm. You can have multiple layered clothing to regulate your body temperature, which you will remove one by one as it gets warmer. While wearing these layers, you must make sure that they do not affect your playing. Also, you must make sure that all your body is covered appropriately, starting from your head to the toe. 

Warm up the Balls

The golf balls might be too cold to handle during the cold weather. Despite this, they become less effective when they are too cold. Therefore, it is essential to keep your golf balls warm by keeping them in your pockets or finding other ways of warming them. Ensure they are always warm, especially when on a playing session. 

Playing Golf in the Wind

Heavy winds can turn your good swing into a nightmare. Besides this, strong winds can make it challenging to move from one point to another, especially when using a cart or carrying your golf bag. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare yourself adequately when playing golf in a windy season. Here are a few tips to guide you. 

Change the Ball Position

The same way you avoid height during playing is the same way to avoid the wind. Rather than placing the ball aligned to your left heel, you can pull it back. Also, you have to know how to position your body more forward. With this, you can quickly put shots to the ground, which are less affected by the wind. Too much height of the ball can cause it to be carried away by the wind, significantly affecting your score. Ensure you use the wind to your advantage. 

Back off on Power

Most people will hit the ball harder during strong winds, thinking it will surpass the strength of the wind. This idea will make the ball travel higher over a shorter distance. To ensure you hit the ball effectively, reduce your shot’s strength to make it travel lower but on a longer length.

Bring the Right Gear

Do not forget to protect yourself from the strong winds. Get yourself the right gear, including goggles to protect your eyes and windbreakers to protect and keep your body warm. Other items include a windproof umbrella, caps, among other things. 

Weather should not be a determinant of whether you will go playing golf or not. With adequate preparation, according to the weather conditions listed above, you will play your game anytime and anywhere, just like you will play it on a sunny day. Ensure you get the right equipment from reliable sellers to counterattack any form of inconvenience.

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