What Are The Benefits Of Basement Egress Windows?


What are the Benefits of Basement Egress Windows?

Basement Egress Windows are an integral component of your home’s escape plan, and it’s pretty essential to have an egress window, skylight, or door in almost every habitable room. You might be wondering why this window is required and how it adds value to your life. Let’s get the answers to both questions one by one.


Why is it Required?

International Residential Code requires you to install at least one window, door, or skylight in every room where you live. Egress is an escape opening for you and emergency workers. Just imagine someone is inside your home, and you have no weapon to tackle him. You are in your basement, and now this window will be your ultimate escape route. 

On the flip side, you seek police help as someone is at your home. You rush to your basement so that emergency workers can come from this window and move you out safely. 

How Egress Windows Add Value to Your Life?

Here are four main benefits you get from this basement window.

Getting a Plenty of Daylight and Ventilation

Many people make the most of their basement, and they use it as a laundry room or entertainment section. It might be a guest bedroom. As this space is built under the ground, you can’t have a window here. There is one door that connects it with the rest of your home. This area is habitat and requires light and ventilation, and else this dark area will lead to pest infestation and breeding ground of mold (if it is moist). So, the purpose of making an egress window is to have a well-lit basement and make it airy to live for human beings.

Having Peace of Mind

Another benefit of basement Egress Windows is that it offers homeowners peace of mind. As I mentioned before, it’s part of your escape plan. You know that if anything goes west in the basement and home, you have a proper escape route. Imagine living in the basement, locked by an intruder, and finding no space out. It’s a devastating situation that you can circumvent by hiring egress window installers. They are experts who know all about building codes and state requirements. They install high-quality windows to offer ultimate peace of mind.

Trying Style Option

You are wrong if you think you are following IRC code and giving your basement a dull outlook. These days, you are in a position to have your hand on a wide assortment of basement Egress windows styles such as basement windows, in-swing single-hung windows, and sliding windows. You can opt for a design that blends beautifully with your basement interior and enhance landscape beauty at the same time.

Following Safety Code

If you have a habitable basement and don’t follow a safety code, which requires you to install an egress window in the basement, you are going against the law. This code is designed to ensure your safety, and if you don’t follow it, you will be liable for any damages to your family and property. Stay safe and hire an expert who will install a basement egress window as your ultimate escape plan.


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