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More and more people are becoming aware of the need for an increase in eco-friendly practices. On an individual level, you can take better care of your car so that harmful emissions are reduced, and use less water when showering or washing dishes. Another major change that can occur both personally and commercially is the switch to plastic-free products. You may regard plastic as being absolutely necessary for ease of life but consider for a moment how directly harmful plastic has been to the environment and as a result indirectly harmful to the human race.

Marine Life Is Paying The Price

The majority of plastic waste does not end up recycled or incinerated, it gets dumped and ends up largely in the oceans as microplastic waste. Every year, approximately 8 million tons of plastic products get disposed of by way of dumping into the sea. You can well imagine what this does to marine life. Turtles, fish, and even aquatic birds consume by accident or confusion significant amounts of plastic daily. Doesn’t it stand to reason that if we infect, kill and eventually cause the extinction of hundreds of species that we all will also be impacted someday? And haven’t you already seen the impact of such actions?

Human Beings Have Not Escaped Unscathed

Yes, marine life gets the brunt of the repercussions but humans don’t go unharmed. Plastics are made out of toxic chemicals that once degraded can and do release harmful chemicals into the air. Carbon monoxide and dioxin are two very serious substances that have devastating effects on the body ranging from shortness of breath to cancer.

In addition, if simply inhaled by an expectant mother, the fetus could be negatively affected. The reproductive health of women in the childbearing years is also at risk. The endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in plastics can mimic the natural hormones of the body thus changing how the system functions. Unimaginable cell dysfunction can result and be displayed in various bodily systems

Conscious People Are Putting On The Pressure

If all people around the world come together as a collective and rally against plastic products, a drastic and dramatic change will happen very quickly. Amazingly, this change has already begun occurring. While not on the scale to provoke a massive and immediate shift, the change is picking up steam. A greater number of persons have become aware of the damaging effects of plastics and have decided against spending their money on such goods. Love for the environment, wildlife, and future generations has caused this revolution in thought and action. People are now willing to pay a bit more if they are assured the origin of the product is natural and the disposal of said product can be conducted in an eco-friendly way.

Businesses Are Seeing The Light 

There is an increase in understanding, and as such action toward reducing the use of plastics in the business setting. Yes, plastic is cheap, but changing over to more sustainable materials will have an exponentially greater long-term benefit for the planet.

Glass, being recyclable, can be used repeatedly without the user having to worry about the accumulation of bacteria and other microbes that occurs after the reuse of plastic products especially water bottles.

The use of woods like bamboo offers a respite. It is quick growing so poses no risk to issues of deforestation. Choose to shop at a zero waste store to show your support for this environmentally friendly change. Find bamboo toothbrushes, wooden cutlery sets, plastic-free brushes and sponges, shampoo, and conditioning bars packaged naturally. The list goes on. Businesses are starting to answer the call to save the planet, show your solidarity to the cause by swapping your loyalty to these establishments.

Benefits To Businesses

Even with the consumers’ increased desire for more natural core materials to be used in the manufacturing of products, some business establishments may be reluctant. Here are some benefits you may not have considered.

  • Fosters more respects and loyalty from customers
  • It saves you money as natural products can be acquired in bulk
  • Shipping costs can be lowered as some natural goods weigh less and as such cost less to be shipped

And if you truly care for your environment, consider that:

  • Natural products can be recycled and reused effortlessly
  • The decreased energy needed to make the products leads to a smaller carbon footprint
  • Natural goods are biodegradable and pose no harm to the earth or air or sea

The Future Of Sustainable Goods

Other works are in the pipeline that will push the green movement even further ahead. Cement, which emits an additional amount of carbon dioxide may soon be replaced with urine bricks. Construct temporary buildings with this mixture containing brewery grains, sand, and urea. Called bio stone, this combination tempers greenhouse gases and makes use of a natural element vastly in abundance all over the world, sand.

Changes You Can Start Making Today

When shopping, carry along a reusable bag. Decline the offer for plastic bags as inevitably they will end up being destructive in some way. Turtles, for example, easily mistake a plastic bag floating in the ocean for jellyfish so they consume it.

Purchase a reusable water bottle. Due to manufacturer’s guidelines and people’s knowledge about health and wellness, thousands of plastic bottles get discarded after one use. While this is advisable, it increases drastically the level of pollution.

Say No to plastic straws. Some cups are now being fashioned to be utilized without the need for a straw. You do have the option to choose a steel or even glass replacement.

Moving more wholly toward sustainable living is essential for the survival of the human race. You may not visibly be able to see the micro and even nano plastic particles freely floating in the air. You may not be able to feel a difference in the air you breathe but the constant barrage of problems being inflicted on the delicate body will present outward expressions in some shape or form. Start making a personal change for a better life.

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