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Joanna Borov is a Polish-born fashion model and influencer currently living in the USA. She has worked with many prominent brands and designers worldwide and graced events such as Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week.

We can see the name Joanna Borov across different industries. Can you please share more information on your endeavors?

I was born in Poland in a family of entrepreneurs. This has helped me gain a work ethic, which helped me in my entrepreneurship projects. I have participated in Paris Fashion Week and appeared on the covers of famous magazines in my modeling career. Despite the busy modeling life, I am also dedicated to my mission of providing toxin-free clothes and toys for babies. Recently I started to design for women and I’m about to launch my line Jo Borov. 

Which were the first contacts with fashion?

I remember being a kid and seeing my mum looking polished and elegant. Although she wasn’t in the fashion industry, she was always well dressed to suit the business code. I enjoyed watching tv programs about fashion and I’d make outfits for my dolls for ours. 

How did you end up in the fashion industry? 

As a model, I have appeared in famous magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and FHM. Although everyone connects the name Joanna Borov with modeling, this isn’t my only endeavor in the fashion industry. I founded Melulu Baby, a brand that produces non-toxic clothes and toys for children. 

How do you define your role in society, based on your professional role?

As I mentioned previously, one of my brands is centered on providing safe clothes and toys for children. Designers convey their message to the world through their brand identity. The fabrics that you use send an important message to your customers. My recent line Jo Borov uses only the best quality materials. I only work with factories that respect human rights. 

How do you manage to be a successful entrepreneur and model at the same time?

My family has a business in the medical field , so I have learned many things from them. I am thankful for the work ethic I learned, which helped me pave the current journey I am following. I like to start my day early in the morning at 6  a.m, with physical exercise to provide me with energy for the day. The competition is pretty high in the fashion industry, so every model needs to pay attention to keeping the ideal image. 

What is your model advice for good looks?

I adore skincare and highlight its importance, not only for modeling. Every woman needs to wear a good SPF cream to protect her skin. Never go to bed without washing your face and completely removing your makeup. I like to cleanse my skin before applying moisturizer. This rejuvenates my skin, so I wake up with a fresh and radiant complexion in the mornings. I would also recommend you to go makeup-free as long as you can. When you don’t need to have makeup on, let your skin breathe. Also, don’t forget to give yourself some relaxation time. I am a Pisces, and being around the sea feels so relaxing. 

Are there any aspects of the fashion industry that you would change?

I would say that fashion is very fast. Trends come and go, and people aren’t ready to follow them. Also, brands need to implement other aspects in their brands. Safe and eco-friendly products are becoming highly popular, so fashion gets a new direction. I always value quality over quantity. 

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