Get A Good Grip On The Game: How To Start Golfing And Why It’s Great For You



In the old era, golf was mainly played by older people. Recently, things have changed, and people of all ages are now starting to show some interest in the game. First, it’s fun, and engaging in the sport is beneficial for your health. If you are planning to start your golfing experience, you aren’t alone. This article will share tips on how to get started with the game and why it’s great for you. Enjoy reading!

         1.Some lessons won’t hurt

No one was born with golfing skills. Even the successful golfers you see winning great rewards were once newbies. It takes time to get a good grip of the game. Don’t be the stubborn type of person. Always accept help from the experienced fellows, as it’s through that you get to gather the necessary skills. However, golf enthusiasts at say that if you aren’t comfortable with the trainers telling you what to do, you can still make use of the internet. There is plenty of information out there for those willing to learn the game by themselves. When working alone, you have to put in more effort since the game requires discipline and focus. 

         2.Practice Putting

Golfing is a sport that comprises different techniques that have to be put together for success. Unfortunately, most golfers are obsessive about practicing at the driving range. Well, constantly hitting the balls at the range can help, but it will be much better if you also focus on putting. That’s where the money is. Putters account for about 50% of your strokes. Unfortunately, most of the golfers’ time isn’t spent practicing putting. 

       3.Find your Perfect Grip

While your hands are the only things that get into contact with the clubs, you have to ensure that you learn the perfect grip.  An experienced trainer can assist you in choosing the perfect grip from the main types of grip (the baseball, the Vardon, and the interlocking) available. Finding the grip you are comfortable with may take even months. So, don’t rush things. 

       4.Visit a Driving Range Often 

As a beginner, you shouldn’t shy away from visiting the driving range. Here, you get the opportunity to hit countless balls without having to worry about finding them after. While visiting the range, you also have the chance to meet with seasoned golfers and instructors who may give you a few pointers to jumpstart your game.  During the visit to the driving range, you get access to a wide range of different clubs that you can use for free. Using the different clubs available, you will have a smooth process when buying yours as you will know the names and how each club works. 

       5.Practice with Second handballs

As a newbie, you might be losing balls at a rate that your budget can’t afford. On this, you can consider investing in second-hand balls instead of new ones to save on cost. There are many retailers out there selling balls that have been fished out of the ponds from the course. The balls will come at a considerable cost and can help sharpen your gaming. 

      6.Don’t Succumb to Pressure from other Golfers

While practicing on a golf course, you may feel pressured by other golfers. Remember, every golfer was once a beginner. So, if you allow other seasoned golfers to intimidate you, the chances are that you may end up giving up before you even learn the basics. 

Why is Golf Important

As mentioned earlier, golfing is an exciting sport. Not only does it help get you busy, but engaging in the sport also offers many benefits, which include;

         1.A Good Form of Exercise

If you are interested in cutting some weight, then you may consider this sport. The sport is a perfect cardiovascular exercise that brings many physical and mental health benefits. By swinging the golf club, you help build muscle and strengthen your core. Carrying your golf bag is also a good form of exercise.  Also, you can’t forget to mention the walks you make around the golf course. The walks increase your heart rate hence lowering your risk of heart diseases and other chronic illnesses while lowering cholesterol levels. 

         2.It Curbs Stress

Working from Monday to Friday can be stressful. It would help if you had a break over the weekend to wind up your mind and get ready for a new week. Weekend getaways may not work in most cases as they are pretty expensive. 

The good thing is that golfing can help alleviate stress. The fresh air and some beautiful views help with the healing. Also, achieving something in your practice helps release the feel-good hormones that will leave you happy, relaxed, and stress-free. 

       3.It Creates a Platform to Meet New Friends

In the modern world, where everyone is working day and night to make ends meet, we forget our social lives. Engaging in golf creates a great platform to revive your social life. Here, you get to meet different people from different backgrounds. You never know. This may be a perfect platform to find new clients and even business partners if you are in business. You should consider joining membership in one of the clubhouses available and get active with the sports calendar. This way, you will end up with a group of friends you never had and who can make your life extra enjoyable. 

      4.It’s a Perfect Family Activity

Kids, especially, are always curious, and they will always feel excited being on the golf course. Therefore, if you are looking for ideas for your next outdoor activity, try golf. Tag along everyone in the family to come with you to the course.  While walking around the golf course playing the game, you get to exercise as a family. Besides, if your kids show some interest in the game, then you should use this opportunity to teach them a few skills. Who knows, your son may be the next Tiger Woods.  In the modern world, where golfing has become popular, almost everyone is looking to get in the game. Learning the skills may take time, but you can always be wherever you want to be with some practice. Mentioned in this blog are ideas on how to get started in the game. Additionally, the article explains how the game is beneficial and the reasons why you must consider it. 


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