Tips To Protect Your Eyes In Style

     1.Eye Make-up

No doubt, looking beautiful feels good, especially when you nail the little aspects of your look. Beautiful eye makeup goes a long way in improving your look, but how safe is makeup for the health of your eyes? 

It is important to make sure you take all the safety precautions when using makeup for your eyes. Take special care of makeup items that may contact your eye space; mascara, eye pencils, eye shadow, etc. Some safety precautions to take are:

  • Check that the products have not expired.
  • Once opened, don’t use the makeup for more than three months.
  • Always clean makeup before going to bed.

    2.  Blue Light Protection

Blue light rays are high-energy visible lights that can come from digital screens. There isn’t much we can do to avoid our eyes being exposed to blue light rays as we have to use digital screen devices every day for work, entertainment, etc.

While short-term exposure to blue light rays may cause discomfort in the eyes, such as dry, watery, or itchy eyes, including extra strain on the eyes, there can be more adverse consequences like blindness.

Fortunately, blue blockers have been invented to protect the retina from blue light. They can be added to recommended glasses, sunglasses and purchased as just glasses to use when working on your phones, laptops, or tablets.

      3.Safety Glasses

When people hear safety glasses, they are quick to assume that it is for construction workers. If you don’t already have a pair of safety glasses, be sure to get one at the store before your next house chores.

Household tools like grinders and common chemicals like pesticides and bleaches can cause serious damage to the eyes. Most household injuries that lead to permanent injuries to the eyes can be avoided by the simple usage of protective eye gear.

    4.Sunglasses for Protection From UV Lights

We have all heard about UV light and the damages that it causes to the eye. The main source of this harmful light is excessive exposure to the sun. UV rays can cause eye cancers, skin cancer, and other severe medical conditions.

We can’t fully stay away from the sun’s harsh rays because we need the vitamin D that it provides, so we will need to protect ourselves from drastic exposure.

Sunglasses are not just for fashion. They protect our eyes and the skin around our eyes from heat damage. When picking sunglasses, check that it fits perfectly, but most importantly, confirm that it has UV light protection of at least UV400 or higher.

Some not so stylish but very essential tips are; 

    5.Healthy Eating

Your all-around physical health has a significant impact on the health of your eyes. Taking a conscious effort to make changes to your lifestyle, including eating healthy, will go a long way in protecting your eyes. 

Optometrists recommend classes of food that are rich in Vitamin A and other essential vitamins as it will go a long way in improving the health of your eyes. Note that health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid problems, high cholesterol, etc., have an impact on the eyes. Remember that good health can never go out of fashion.

  6.Regular Eye Check-ups

Optometrists advise that you check your eyes at least once a year. Even if your eyesight is perfect and you have never had any eye conditions, it is still recommended you go for a check-up regularly. 

You won’t ignore a blemish on your face, so you shouldn’t ignore symptoms of your eyes. Regardless of how simple they may seem, whether it is itchy eyes, teary eyes, a pain in the eyes, report to your optometrist immediately. These simple symptoms may be signs of more serious health conditions. Regular visits to your optometrist can identify hereditary eye problems early and apply preventive methods.

  7.Maintain Your Prescription

Prescription glasses will ideally expire after two years, while contact lenses expire after a year. Because your glasses still look fashionable and neat, the lenses may be telling another story.

Contact lenses have direct contact with the eyes, so you have to painstakingly ensure that they are kept in the safest and neatest possible fashion. When contact lenses are overworn or kept carelessly outside of the prescription, they pose a serious hazard to the eyes, with a high risk of infection and other complications.

Bonus Tip: Be gentle with your eyes. If debris gets in your eyes, rather than rubbing and scratching vigorously, try blinking or washing out with water.

Avoid using unprescribed eye drops. Rather than getting any over-the-counter eye drop to ease itching or redness of the eyes, go and see your optometrist. While these eye drops can immediately ease your discomfort in the eyes, they might just be masking other underlying problems. 

We all claim that our eyes are our most important sense organ, but yet pay little attention to making sure that our eyes are protected from hard and damage. Healthy eyes are one way to maintain a certain quality of life, so why will you leave it to chance? Take these safety tips to protect your eyes while remaining trendy in your choice of eye protective gear. With consistent effort, better choices, and a healthy lifestyle, your eyes will surely remain in perfect health for a very long time. 


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