Hailey Bieber Wore Brandon Maxwell Cut-Out Dress @ Instagram


Hailey Bieber  wearing a   Brandon Maxwell Summer 2021 cut-out dress

Bieber spoke to ELLE earlier this year about how she spent quarantine—and how the experience improved her marriage to her husband Justin Bieber. The two had a “very difficult” first year of marriage, she said.

But the pandemic made them much closer: “I try to be careful saying something like, ‘The good thing about the pandemic,’ because I know there’s been so much sadness and devastation,” she prefaced. “But over the last six years of my career, I’ve never gone this long without working. Quarantine has removed any expectations of work, and there is no pressure of having to be anywhere. It’s the same for Justin. We’ve gotten so much solid alone time. It’s like this long, extended vacation where we get to hang out together all the time.”

“I learn new things about him and about myself and about our relationship all the time,” she added later. “Do we have little fights and stuff that we have to work through sometimes? Yeah, of course, but it really doesn’t ever feel like work, because I love him so much. I see forever with him.”

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