Why Is Sustainable Clothing Becoming More and More Popular?


Eco-Friendly Shopping and Demand for Sustainable Clothing Are Rapidly Growing

While all types of manufacturing industries are opting for processes that have the least environmental impact, the fashion industry is not far behind. A report from the UN environmental program shed light on the fact that 10 percent of the total carbon emissions were produced from the fashion industry.  

With the rise in environmental awareness, more people are well known about the impact of climate change. This has seen an effect on the social impact as more people around the world are seeking a more sustainable way of life and thereby reducing the damage done to the earth. There is now a rise in demand for sustainable clothing for the same reasons. It doesn’t limit to just buying sustainable clothing but also changing the core shopping habits. 

Below are several reasons why more people are opting for sustainable clothing

Less Waste of Textile

Poor quality clothes are not only a recurring investment due to the quick wear and tear damages but also increase the waste as they are dumped sooner and more often. Clothes that are focused on low-cost pricing to increase sales do not have the factor of longevity. This leads to more purchases. Sustainable clothing brands like Blonde Gone Rogue focus on the quality of the clothes. This ensures that the materials last longer from taking various steps in the production line itself. 

Such brands do not concentrate on every fashionable trend but rather focus on timeless and classic ones. These can be worn at any given time as they still are fashionable but at the same time are of good quality so they can last you for a long time. 

No Animals Are Harmed

Our ecosystem is dependent on many animals that play an essential role to make our planet habitable. The threat to wildlife and other animals for the sake of fashion should be a concern for all of us. Many types of the animal population have been affected for the sake of fashionable leather bags, boots, furs used, and so on. Some animals are on the verge of extinction for this very reason. 

Sustainable fashion brands can help you play a vital part in saving these animals. These ethical brands provide cruelty-free clothing. They use more viable alternatives like human-made fibers and recyclable materials instead of animal products. From diets to opting for fashionable wear or cosmetic products, there are several ways you can help prevent the abuse of animal abuse. 

Fair Wage System

There are many horror stories on the internet that talk about very low-wage labor programs in countries for the production of fashionable clothing. The news of the Uniqlo brand and its horrid attitude towards employees can still run shivers down your spine. This labor wage is so low that not only parents but children too need to work together to be able to support themselves. This is mostly because the fashion brands intend to keep the price of the products low to make them popular. 

When the price of sale is low, then automatically the price paid for labor for the same is low. Brands that adopt a sustainable clothing model, provide a more safe and fair wage for their labor force. They do not support unhealthy work conditions, inhumane working hours, or the pressure workers to work harder than they can. 

Conservation of Water

For almost all types of garments, a lot of water is used for the dyeing and finishing process. Along with the high consumption of water to make a single piece of clothing, clothing production also pollutes freshwater by releasing toxic chemicals. This can affect the livelihood of the people who live in such areas and eventually have a huge impact on the whole world. Many diseases and illnesses can occur when such water is consumed. 

Sustainable brands achieve their ethnicity medal as they opt for a limited amount of water used for production. By using raw materials that are more natural, renewable, and recyclable, they can control the water requirement during the production phase. This helps to save clean water from being polluted and giving access to its consumption to more people.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

If you have been following the impacts several industries have made on the environment then you are surely well versed with the term carbon footprint. The fast fashion industry that concentrates only on low-priced items leaves a rather large carbon footprint behind. This includes the amount of textile waste that lies in the landfills as they are tossed out often due to low quality. 

The use of cheap materials like acrylic, nylon, and so on requires a large amount of energy during production. Sustainable fashion emphasizes using materials that are more natural and that can be recycled. Such biodegradable materials like linen and hemp, need almost no chemical treatment. The rise of the use of such materials will result in less environmental pollution and reduce the carbon footprint. 

Play Your Part Well in Supporting Sustainable Fashion

If you feel that you too wanted to be a part of this movement and choose clothing items that are ethically and morally approved, then you have to do your part to get started. Research the brands before you shop from them to make sure they have strong ethical and eco-friendly values. The internet can be your friend as most people who are aware of such brands that use scrupulous methods of production, make sure that they expose it on the internet. 

Simultaneously, you can switch to replacing everything that is plastic with more recyclable alternatives. Though this can be a hard journey to embark on, you can start by taking smaller steps like switching your plastic shopping bag with a reusable cloth one. They are easy to wash and are of good quality making them durable for a long time. 

If you like to shop often, then opt for sustainable clothes that last long. If you do get bored of it, the quality will still be intact and they can be donated or resold. By taking these small steps towards a more moral future, you will be playing a big role for the generation to come.

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