3 Greatest Fashion Tips for Young Adults

Finding your fashion sense as a young adult often comes with an equal measure of trial and error and serious effort. Everyone tries out new clothes and trends, and some make the cut, and others end up on the cutting room floor. So much depends on how you choose to dress as you grow up and mature as a young adult, such as your personal tastes, current fads or crazes, and the lifestyle you want to pursue.

If you’re attending college and planning to get a job upon graduation, or you want to travel the world as a reporter or archaeologist, you might start thinking about helping your fashion sense mature with you and your goals. Even if you’re finishing high school and starting work instead of college, there’s plenty you can do to develop your own fashion style.

Here are three of the greatest fashion tips for you to consider as a young adult cultivating your style to complement your future.

1. Search for Down-to-Earth Role Models

It helps to have role models that inspire you to find a fashion sense all your own. You can pick out pieces from their outfits that you’d like to adopt into your own wardrobe. If your mom, aunt or older sister has a strong sense of fashion, talk to them about establishing your style and building on it. Ask where they got the purse or jacket you love and think would fit into your wardrobe.

If you don’t know anyone in your everyday life whose fashion sense speaks to you, search for inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest. Additionally, consider bypassing the flashier celebrity influencers who might promote styles that don’t speak to you and cost more than your budget allows. Instead, choose down-to-earth, professional women running their own online businesses in cooking, travel, or anything that showcases a modest wardrobe you can emulate.

2. Get to Know, Accept and Love Your Body Type

Beyond finding the right fashion inspiration, you’ll want to first determine your body type. After all, it’s the foundation for developing your fashion style now and in the future. Indeed, you’ll want to buy clothes that fit and suit your body — and this isn’t a one-style-fits-all matter or that stands up to a cookie-cutter approach. Once you know your body type, embrace all that your body can do for you, even if that acceptance means eliminating certain cuts and styles of clothing. Even better, you can buy things that help you look and feel your best.

3. Start Building Your Intimate Apparel Collection

The great thing about today’s intimate apparel is that it’s often versatile enough to wear paired with everyday outerwear. Even if no hint of your lace garters, bodysuits, or bralette sets ever sees the light of day, you’ll start to feel more mature by investing in beautiful pieces and wearing them under your favorite dresses, skirts and blouses. Knowing you have high-quality support that’s beautiful will help you fall more in love with your fashion daily.

Build Your Own Fashion Sense with These Tips

Growing up and into your body and fashion sense is more challenging than most older adults remember when getting started. Fortunately, with some inspiration from strong and sophisticated women, knowing your body type, and building confidence with gorgeous intimates, you’ll find your fashion path in no time.

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