Know A Gin Lover? Check Out These Original Ways To Surprise Them


Gin is not only a delight to drink, but it also has amazing health benefits. Gin has a comparatively lower calorie count, is rumored to make you look younger, and studies have shown that the juniper in gin can help strengthen the connective tissue in your veins. So you should definitely encourage the gin lovers in your life. Looking for great ways to surprise a gin lover? Check out these gift ideas.

Gin Subscription Box

Get your gin lover a constant supply of specially curated niche-oriented gin delivered to their doorstep. That’s what a subscription box is, a weekly or monthly delivery of cool stuff you like in a decorative box. 

A gin subscription box is one of the best gifts you can get anyone. It’s like Christmas or a birthday every single month! The curators over at noted about how a gin subscription box is a great idea. There are so many reasons why a gin subscription is an awesome gift idea:

  • You can get a subscription for as little as under $20.00. There are options for every budget. This gift certainly won’t break the bank
  • Subscription boxes contain carefully outsourced products from professionals who know where to find the best stuff. Your friend, family member, or romantic partner will be exposed to a different variety of high-quality gin from delightful obscure small-batch distilleries that they otherwise wouldn’t find by themselves 
  • The subscription box will contain all sorts of complimentary surprises. Like new ingredients to use in gin cocktails, innovative gin recipes, other cocktail mixology gifts, and gin-related snacks such as olives, gin chocolate, or popcorn
  • Sometimes, they’ll get a free gin club membership as well!

Finding a retail store, a private subscription business or any great marketplace that curates gin subscription boxes should be easy. The subscription boxes market is a booming industry, so you’re spoiled for choice. Plus, a subscription box solves the problem of the paradox of choice. This paradox of choice explains buyer’s remorse which is where buyers have so many options that they’re never satisfied with one purchase. Subscription boxes are the perfect solution to this indecisiveness and regret because experts make the choice by choosing niche products according to a customer’s personal preferences.

Gin Making Kit

Get them a gin-making kit. They’ll definitely love a gin-making kit. Making your own gin is a relatively simple one. Gin-making kits are the perfect option for guiding gin-lovers through the process of creating their own bottle, by providing the right infusing blends with instructions for quantity measurements, steeping times, and the equipment required.

Here are things to look out for when deciding on a gin making kit:

  • Ingredients. Some kits have more, better botanicals than others. Juniper is the defining gin plant, so every kit has that, but the best kits have hard to find ingredients from around the world; hibiscus, licorice root, and lavender
  • Instructions. A good kit should have an expertly designed instruction manual that walks you through the steps. Making gin is generally a simple two-step process. There’s no reason why the instructions should make this harder instead of easier 
  • Packaging. It’s a gift so aesthetically pleasing packaging is practically in the rule books. Plus so gin kits come in 100% recyclable packaging 

Gin Book

If there’s one thing a gin connoisseur would appreciate is a book that’s all about gin. The knowledge of all the intricacies of gin from the basics of how to ferment malt, rye, or molasses with juniper berries and coriander means and the fascinating origins of gin, to the farming methods that create the core ingredients in gin, somehow makes the drinking of gin more pleasurable. 

Gin Glasses

To enjoy the perfect gin drink, the glass that the gin is served in is just as important as the tonic, the garnish, and all the other mixes.  Here are the two main different gin glasses and their functions for your consideration in choosing what to purchase for your gin lover: 

The Highball

The design of the highball is such that it provides ample space for the ice, tonic, and gin. As a result, besides bespoke glasses like the martini glass for specialist drinks the highball is the traditional glass of choice, particularly for Gin & Tonic. The highball has a tall sleek shape. When it’s filled with ice the highball’s tall sleek shape keeps the drink cool and tonic water fizzing. And it’s not just Gin & Tonic. This is also the glass that’s the popular choice for gin-based cocktails. An example of a popular highball glass brand is Tom Collins.

The Copa

Even though traditionally the highball is the go-to glass, in recent years a new glass has emerged that is gaining popularity. This is the copa, a balloon-shaped glass.  The copa is a curvaceous, bowl-shaped glass with a thin stem that’s fast becoming the more regularly used glass in gin bars in places like Barcelona. This is because the copa’s spacious, wide bowl allows for more botanicals and garnishes. This has the effect of the botanicals and garnishes infusing the drink with aroma and flavor, thus making it the better glass option for, particularly floral, fruity or fragrant gin blend. Then, its thin stem means that warm hands won’t be melting the ice too fast.

Gin Botanicals And Infusions

Gin botanicals and infusions are plants and herbs added to spice up any gin drink. It’s all about the flavor. A gin lover would greatly enjoy a gin botanicals and infusions kit. Plus the garnish makes the drink pleasing to look at, and there’s that saying about the eyes eating before the mouth!

Here are some botanicals:

  • Juniper Berries add a mild bittersweet and spicy taste. This is the main botanical in all gin. 
  • Pink Peppercorns and Hibiscus add fruity, spicy notes with a tart berry-rich finish.
  • Rose Petals add sweet floral notes and that pretty pink color. 
  • Cardamom Pods and Coriander Seeds adds a distinct heady aroma with a sweet and spicy flavor. It’s best to gently squeeze these between fingers before adding, to release the natural oils and flavors.
  • Star Anise adds spicy Asian aromatics and licorice notes. 


Finding the perfect gin gift for that friend, family member, coworker, or romantic partner might leave you feeling like you have limited options. But you don’t have to keep gifting them that same bottle of gin they once mentioned they liked over and over. Gin subscription boxes, books, glasses, and starter kits are all options you have.

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