Coko Of SWV Reveals She Witnessed Tragic Event Leading Up To Verzuz With Xscape


Saturday evening (May 8) was a night to remember for R&B fans as the legendary girl groups SWV and Xscape went head-to-head for a Mother’s Day Weekend Verzuz celebration. The virtual jam-fest was filled with dancing, celebrity attendants, nostalgic hits and more.

. On Sunday (May 9), SWV’s Coko revealed she tragically witnessed a woman being shot outside of her hotel just before the Verzuz battle. The traumatic incident sent her into a panic attack, but thankfully her son and team were able to calm her down.


“Last night as I’m preparing for Verzuz, a lady was shot outside my hotel window. To see & hear the four shots, see her laying on the ground and all the blood was unbelievable!! Thennnn…I get to the venue and had a really bad anxiety attack!😱 Literally crying & screaming. Yeah y’all saw me looking uncomfortable & irritated during the first half but, if it wasn’t for my son @jayyemichael@ynottamiya & @mrljb I probably wouldn’t have been out there at all. Thank you for calming me down & understanding my mental. I love y’all to the fullest!!❤️❤️❤️ I always say most won’t care to understand but when you get those that do cherish them!!🌹


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