Sustainable Fashion and Other Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint  




Sustainable Fashion and Other Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint  

The Amazon is on fire.  Iceland is melting, and plant and animal species are dying. Scientists and activists are imploring us to live sustainably for the future and health of our planet.  If you are looking for ways to make a difference and make your life a little less stressful, here are easy tips to jumpstart a sustainable life.

First, what is sustainable living?

The basic principle behind sustainability is consuming no more than what can be cultivated, regenerated, or made available in the future.  It is the prudent use of resources to avoid waste and depletion and electing to use natural and renewable resources that do not degrade the earth. 

Ways to Live Sustainably

Eat wisely, avoid waste.

When it comes to nutrition, paying attention to sustainability above all means using resources sparingly. This means that neither food nor resources are wasted in the production or transportation of these products. 

Also, it ensures that your CO2 footprint is not too large. Focus on regional and seasonal products and reduce meat consumption.  Find ways to reuse leftovers and improve the efficiency of your food storage solutions.  

Save money and resources around the house.


A sustainable lifestyle doesn’t just mean saving energy by going without a tumble dryer and drying your laundry on the balcony or in the garden. It also means reducing the use of cleaning products and detergents. It means using timeless furniture and sustainable prints and posters that serve you for a long and in many different ways.   

Use refillable pens and non-toxic colored pencils. Use glass containers rather than aluminum and buy energy-efficient appliances. Find ways to reuse your plastic bottles, turn off the water tap and switch off the electricity when you are not using it.

Conserve energy at every point in the home


You can save insane amounts of money when you reduce energy requirements and minimize heat loss as much as possible in the home. With new technologies and today’s solutions (heat pumps, hybrid generators, fuel cells), or even with condensing boilers, it is possible to significantly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels using sustainable energies. 

New technologies have also helped in fine-tuning temperatures. Nowadays, it is much easier to program a desired and appropriate room temperature for each room. This is not just good for your comfort and finances. It helps the earth stay greener.

Choose sustainable fashion 

Fashion is killing the planet. Clothes are often produced in several stages and with high use of resources such as water. Therefore, find ways to prolong use and derive more value from your clothes, such as using suitable detergents and observing the proper washing instructions.

In the case of cosmetics, look at the ingredients used. At best, microplastics should not be included, and producing products without animal testing is also a step toward a sustainable lifestyle. It pays to spend a few dollars more for good quality fashion products that don’t destroy the planet.  

Recycle your electronics

It is not feasible to upgrade electronic equipment every time a new model hits the market. Minerals such as cobalt used in these products are usually mined in areas of civil war and through child labor. Also, the energy consumption is now extremely; screens are enormous, and devices drain power.

The internet is also high in demand everywhere, driving even more resource usage. Buy high-quality electronics that can serve you for a long time. 

Choose sustainable fun

The principle of a sustainable lifestyle can also be well integrated into leisure. Games, books, or other recreational products can be traded or purchased second-hand. Otherwise, and to generate less waste, special attention must be paid to longevity. Choose to fly less too, and maybe your actions will save the world from a climate apocalypse. This article was written in celebration of Earth Day 2021.

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