Amazing Ways Your Fashion Can Signify Your Bond With Someone



Fashion is not all about wearing the latest trends and matching colors. You can express yourself in a variety of ways through clothes. If you are feeling a bit down? Wear a bigger fit and stay at home eating ice cream while watching a TV show. Fashion also reflects your personality; wearing black tells that you feel empowered, mysterious, and professional. You can tell a lot about a person from the way they dress. The beauty of fashion is that you can add small details that have a deep meaning for you. If you have a special bond with someone, you can express this bond through fashion in various amazing ways.


Complementing Colors

Going out with your partner wearing the same colors will give the impression that either you are twins or that you both are on the same sports team. Though matching colors can sometimes look cute on couples, don’t overdo it. Instead, you need to show that you complete each other rather than a copy of each other. Choose a color palette and style your clothes accordingly. We all have seen a man in a black suit with a red tie with a woman in a gorgeous red dress; the colors are different, but they match perfectly through one single detail. For example, if you are wearing a green shirt with white linings, your partner can wear a white shirt with green linings. The colors are the same, but your clothes are complementing each other exactly as you two do.

Match the Style

If you want to match your partner, match their style, not colors. Matching the style will show that you two are on the same page mentally. Imagine your impression if you see a girl in formal clothes holding hands with a guy in a casual outfit. It gives a weird impression, yet any couple wearing the same style looks very adorable. Rock on your sporty attire if you are going out with your partner for a walk while they are wearing the same style. Matching the style doesn’t mean changing your style of clothes altogether; it means that you meet somewhere in the middle with your partner within your style.

Be Creative with Accessories

Accessories are the most versatile piece of clothing to show a special bond you have with someone. Whether the bond is love, friendship, maternal, or paternal love, it can be expressed through accessories in various ways. A necklace can hold the name of your spouse, parent, or child, showing how much you appreciate and love them. A pendant with two hearts entangled will discreetly show that you are in love. The options are endless when it comes to necklaces, as each part can express a thought or a feeling. Matching pendants with a key and lock signifies that your partner only has the key to your heart.

Rings also bring flexibility when you need to express your feelings through accessories. Typically, wedding and engagement rings show your current relationship status, but other rings show the way you feel better. Show that you enjoy love and friendship with your partner; a two-stoned diamond ring will allow you to express how you feel precisely. The forever rings can work as an engagement ring as well, while a stone symbolizes love and the other symbolizes friendship. Rings also remind you of a promise you kept for the special someone in your life. Not many people will realize the meaning of the ring, but the special someone and you will. Various ring designs, such as the infinity symbol, roses, and blossoms, show that you are in love.

Accessories don’t stop at necklaces and rings. You can show various messages through bracelets, anklets, brooches, pins, cuffs links, studs, belts, and even a facemask. Matching your earrings with his pin will signify your bond and express a feeling you both have through these accessories’ design.

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

It is the little details that make a huge impact. Men and women love shoes; they dedicate your style, show off your personality, and they are comfortable (at least some of them). Wearing the same brand shows you go shopping together, you love the same things, and you are not afraid to show this to the world. A nice pair of shoes will most assuredly catch the attention of anyone, and a common belief says that you can know a lot about a person through their shoes. Couples wearing the same color in shoes look super cute, and it shows that no matter what their differences are, they stand on the same ground and have a solid base in their relationship.

Complete Each Other’s Sentences Through Shirts

Many people will argue that couples’ printed shirts are cheesy, and if it doesn’t have a meaning behind it, then it can be cheesy. However, when you put enough thought and feelings into choosing a couple’s shirt, it shows it’s genuine when you wear them. The couple’s shirts show that they are playful and not afraid of what others may think of them and that they complete each other’s sentences perfectly. A couple’s fashion doesn’t end at shirts; you can get matching hats, scarfs, accessories, or even socks. They can also show a parent’s deep bond with their children, showing the whole world how proud they are for having such children.


We express ourselves in various ways, whether by words, actions, gifts, or clothes. You can tell someone you love them, but it has a bigger effect when your fashion symbolizes your love for them. It is a constant reminder of how strong the bond is and showing how proud you are to show this bond to the world. Copying your partner’s style is not the best way to express your feelings as each person must keep their personality clear in their style. Complement your bond with your partner with colors while wearing the same style. Accessories are your best friend when it comes to signifying your bond with someone special discreetly.


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