Wear the Best Custom Flip Flops This Summer!


Wear the Best Custom Flip Flops This Summer!


Custom flip flops have always been famous especially during the summer. And with the summer season just around the corner, custom flip flops will become part of every beach goer’s ensemble.


Tips When Wearing Custom Flip Flops

The history of flip flops dates back to ancient Egyptian times. Flip flops have become even more popular when the servicemen from World War II has brought the Japanese versions home as their souvenirs. Another famous personality who frequently wears flip flops is the Dalai Lama. And right now, people are considering flip flops as an essential summer accessory.

A podiatrist and instructor mentioned that while flip flops are perfectly fine then just going barefoot. Proper feet support or protection may not be given when constantly wearing flip flops, still, it is a better choice than just going barefoot because this may lead to a lot of foot problems.

Wearing flip flops can also lead to some problems, and here are some recommendations that can help in avoiding most of these problems:

  • Prefer using leather as a material for your flip flop

When shopping for flip flops, make sure to buy one that is made out of high-quality soft leather. Leather has been a great choice as a material because it helps in minimizing risks for blisters and other skin irritation problems.

  • Make sure that you break your flip flops in

When breaking in, you can gently bend the flip flop from one end to the other, and then ensure that it bends at the ball of your foot.

  • Make sure that there is nothing dangling when wearing the flip flops

When wearing flip flops, make sure that you are wearing one that has a great fit and that your foot is not hanging off the edge of the flip flop. To maintain healthy feet, it is important that the flip flop is a good fit.

  • Sturdiness is an important feature for your flip flops

A sturdy flip flop is important especially when you are walking around a public pool, at the beach, hotels, and other public areas.

  • Make sure that you frequently replace your flip flops

It is not advisable to wear the same pair of flip flops every year. So, when you see that the flip flops are showing signs of severe wear, you should throw them out already.

  • If the flip flops are bothering you, you should not ignore it

When your toes are starting to suffer from irritation this can become blisters and can possibly cause infections.

  • Use flip flops on short distances only

When you are walking long distances, it is not advisable for you to wear flip flops because even if that flip flop is the sturdiest, they only offer little when it comes to shock absorption and arch support.

  • Save your flip flops for the beach

When wearing flip flips makes sure that you are not doing any yard work. It is important that your feet are fully protected by wearing shoes, and just use flip flops when going to the beach or some other casual activities.

Most Fashionable Custom Flip Flops for Women


Every lady needs a reliable pair of flip flops to get her through the sweltering summer season. Shoes and heels are appropriate. However, none of those will or should be accomplished when doing errands or hanging out with friends for a cup of joe. And these informal moments greatly exceed the formal activities that involve heels, at least on a regular basis. However, summer flip flops may not have to be dull rubber chappals with dull colors. 

  1. Try on Neon Custom Flip Flops 


You might send me an hour and I would always gush about wearing neon in the summer. Even more so when they’re as understated as this classy summer flip flops. We adore the simple style and the understated manner in which this pair renders a fashion statement. Therefore, if you’ve been meaning to incorporate neon into your wardrobe but are terrified of feeling like a fluorescent fashion failure, this is the chic pair you need in your shoe closet.


  1. Floral Prints on Flip Flops are also a good idea

Nothing says summer breeze quite like an elegant floral print. Having a pair of flip flops that features a light-colored glamorous floral print against a navy blue backdrop is simply stunning. We love how elegant the print is and how it immediately reminds us of a refreshing breeze during the summer season. Perhaps because that is precisely how wearing these flip flops would sound during these humid couple of months!


  1. Rosette Flip Flops are also a great choice


I’m very certain that the greatest thing about this pair of flip flops is that they don’t look like flip flops at all. It has the fashion factor of certain high-end flats you could purchase for the summer season, but with the added benefit of foot support. While the shiny finish of the black contributes to the pair’s attractiveness, the dust-pink rosette element steals the spotlight. It has a glamorous contemporary vibe, which we surely adore!

  1. You can also try out some of the colorful Mandala Flip Flops

This is a colorful pair brimming with vibrant colors, and these flip flops are certain to serve as an immediate summertime pick-me-up. The vibrant mandala print livens up the pair much further, while still lending it a boho-comfort-chic feel. Particularly some of your most simplistic outfits of plain denim and a t-shirt, this pair of flip flops can instantly add a pop of summer color to your look. The factor that it is so affordable really helps the cause.


  1. Be eccentric with the Geometric Flip Flops with Bow Detail

Geometric prints have become quite the rage in the design world recently, then why should your beach flip flops be removed from this trend? We admire the soft pastel hues that scream summer, and perhaps even the geometric triangle print that lends it an incredibly chic vibe. However, our favorite features are the shiny gold straps and the delicate yet oh-so-pretty bow feature in the very same pastel color palette.


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