Legendary groups Earth, Wind & Fire along with The Isley Brothers    were the latest Verzuz musical battle. The event lasted for 4 hours and was AMAZING . Here is a breakdown of the fashion looks ,  Verdine White of Earth, Wind and Fire wore a custom cream suit by Richfresh. The incluudes a pair of  berry  pants that has a rust and cream side stripe. Philip Bailey is wearing a brown suit with black tee. Ralph Johnson  is wearing a gold and black printed jacket with a white shirt and a pair of black pants. Comedian Steve Harvey who hosted he event wore a blue suit.

Philip Bailey  looked sizzling in a gold and black jacket with a black and gold tee styled with black pants and glasses . Ralph Johnson  is wearing a  black  jacket with a white  shirt and a pair of black pants.

Ronald Isley also known as  Mr. Biggs  and Ron Isley  rocked a gold and  black suit ($3,745 jacquard single-breasted jacket)  styled with a black turtleneck by Dolce and Gabbana .His look was accessorized with a Stetson hat, along with Porsche sunglasses,  and a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.



Ernie Isley wore a gold studded metallic leather jacket .

Ernie Isley  changed into a jacket by For The Stars Fashion House styled with with a  simpleGiorgio Armani white t-shirt and leather pants .To complete his look he wore  Saint Laurent boots and a Dead Stock Jewelry LA necklace.

Ron Isley is wearinga fur coat by Edwards-Lowell styled with a Dolce and Gabbana suit.

Ernie Isley   also rocked a Silver and Black Leopard Rhinestone Biker Jacket  by  Balmain   The  legendary guitarist styled his look with  with a black t-shirt ,Porsche sunglasses, leather pants , Saint Laurent boots, along with Dead Stock Jewelry LA silver necklaces.


Ron Isley is wearing a Baroque Jacquard Tuxedo Suit  $3,345  by Dolce and Gabbana

He accessorized  his look with Porsche sunglasses along with a pair of  Louboutin shoes. In another photo, he wore this suit look with a fur coat by Edwards-Lowell.


D-nice was dj on set looking fashionable

Amazing Verzuz battle we watched living legends and HISTORY

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