Do you believe that the tiniest details of your outfit matter? Do you think that small changes could turn a great look into a disaster or vice versa, i.e., with a bit of addition, your outfit can become perfect? Not your point of view? Let us show eyewear as an example. You might end up changing your mind.

Even if you wear sunglasses rather than spectacles, the right frame would completely transform your look. This eyewear could last for a lifetime, given you look after them correctly.  In most cases, your eyeglasses represent you. That is, they become your signature style. In the search for eyeglasses online, people usually come across John Lennon,  Steve Jobs,  Buddy Holly, Larry David, and a lot of people like them. Their spectacles are as popular as they are. 

So why are spectacles considered an afterthought? Since they are extremely important and happen to be quite a big part of your daily look, they require careful consideration. Don’t you think? Thus, here is a list of some exceptional brands that make sunglasses. A lot of celebrities adorn these popular brands as they are famous for their craftsmanship and quality.  



This popular brand was founded in the year 2013 by Tom  Broughton. Remarkably,  he fashioned his first eyeglasses on his kitchen table in King’s Cross! Thus, unlike every other eyeglasses brand,  Cubitt did not have its first set of frames made in a factory. In fact, it was hand-crafted on a kitchen table. 

Now today, this British brand is widespread around the capital. It has no less than eight outposts. Yet, it still has not lost its original charm. They design the frames traditionally using their hands to pin the glasses with custom Cubitt pins. Furthermore, they even offer eye tests on their store for just £25. Hence along with saving your money, you are saved from the hassle of visiting the optician. 

  • ACE & TATE

You might think that this company was founded by two people, with Ace and Tate being their surnames. Quite surprisingly, that is not the case. In fact, this brand was founded by a man named Mark de Lange. So why the name Ace & Tate? Well, it happens to be a play on ‘acetate.’ It is a light material used in making eyeglasses. 

Ace & Tate not only provides you with quality eyeglasses but their products are stylish and fashionable.  Some of them even ranging below £100. Their stores are widespread in the major cities of the UK.  


Banton Frameworks is an independent brand of eyeglasses. It is extremely serious and up to date in its craft. This Scottish brand took its roots in a small workshop. The workshop was located under the garden of one of its co-founders.  Beginning from such a humble start, this company is now among the biggest competitors and is quite popular.  Even if you talk about quality,  style,  cost, and craftsmanship, Banton Frameworks provides excellent spectacles with all the mentioned traits. 



In the year 1919, people of the Kirk family transformed the sewing machine into a cutting machine for glasses. Hence London’s Kirk Originals was launched. This idea originally took shape when the Kirk family found a trunk of mid-century vintage frames. Thus they started making more versions that were inspired by the original ones. Within a few years, the brand became a best seller, all the while producing thousands of eyewear. 

They are well known for their classic shapes added with modern touches. Furthermore,  they are manufactured right in England using the best available material. 



Persol is a brand that requires no introduction.  They have been crafting the finest frames in the market for over a century. Thus, Persol is well experienced.  It rose to popularity, especially in men’s wear, after Steve McQueen and his iconic 714s. This Italian company has now become the leading brand of the industry.  

Persol happens to be the bringer of exquisite styles like the spring hinges which rocked the market. 


You must have heard of Ray-ban. It is the biggest eyewear brand today. As Apple is to mobile phones, Ray-ban is to eyeglasses. Almost everyone knows of Ray-ban. They have made the eyewear landscape look extremely vast.

Their styles like the Wayfarer, Clubmaster, the Aviatar have lead to many copies made by numerous other brands. Investing in them means going for the real deal. Their styles and quality are the finest.



To summarise,  the brands mentioned above are among the best ones in the eyewear industry.  You could order online glasses from them if you prefer. Many online retailers offer this service.  Choose your brand and simply order from them. Remember, your specs shape your look and give you an air of confidence.  So, go ahead and pick your favorite ones.



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