Why Would You Upgrade Your Cushion Cut Diamond?


How To Upgrade Your Cushion Cut Diamond Ring?




Square cuts, rounded edges and a brilliance that’ll take her breath away – this is the cushion cut diamond that combines modern aesthetics in an elegant fashion. But when you’re looking for something more, like a whole new look then what options can you consider? Perhaps you want to make it look bigger or add tiny little gemstones? Let’s find out more.

Why Would You Upgrade Your Cushion Cut Diamond?


So the cushion cut unlike the princess cut diamond is a square shaped with rounded corners often resembling a pillow. It may even have a rectangular shape but with curved edges hence the cushion cut. You could say it’s a modernized look for the old mine cut and fairly popular with new age couples. Even the cost of a cushion cut diamond is lesser as compared to a round centrepiece making it a favorite choice for many. 


Since cushion cuts have a deeper framework they’re also easier to recondition unlike princess cuts. The latter also features a squarish shape but has an inverted pyramid side that filters in more light. In contrast, the cushion cut can only be used in certain settings and often has inclusions if it’s of higher clarity. But if your ring holds sentimental value, it’s easier to upgrade than replace. While there are diamond cuts which hide blemishes, we’re giving you some handy tips to upgrade a beloved cushion cut. 

Tips To Recondition Your Cushion Cut Diamond


Halo Diamonds


If you purchase a cushion cut in the past with the intention of upgrading eventually, this is your moment to shine. While many couples treat themselves with a brand new look, there are others who simply want to hide away imperfections once they can afford it. Instead of changing the entire cushion cut, you can add tiny halo diamonds for a luxurious accent. Halo rings enhance the quality of your ring and make it look twice its original size. These tiny precious diamonds are an impressive means to increase the weight of the ring without spending too much. 


Three Stone Setting


Playing with a new setting isn’t risky as long as it compliments your diamond cut. For those who’ve been staring at their cushion cut for years, here’s a brilliant tip – try a three stone setting without disturbing your centrepiece. This is the best way to upgrade a cushion cut ring that remains a prime focus. In this case you’ll want to add two smaller diamonds to the original design that enhances the radiance of the ring. The trio of diamonds mask the body color of the cushion cut but make sure the ratio is correctly spaced. 

Colorful Gemstones


Thinking of adding a hint of color to your ring? Gemstones bring a colorful flair to your diamond ring especially if it’s a cushion cut. Since they have large facets, you can incorporate precious stones along the sides to brighten the look. Gemstones like emerald, sapphire, even rubies feature vivid hues so it’s the perfect way to pop in some color to your ring. While you can change the metal for a colorful appeal for e.g. swapping white gold with rose gold, most couples prefer gemstones as an added halo especially when they want to cover blemishes. 


Add Some Sparkle


If you’ve had a platinum band for years with a cushion cut centrepiece, you could try a shiny white 18K gold setting for a bold and bright new look. Unlike platinum, gold as a metal is more reflective and less expensive. This is actually a very versatile choice but there are couples who love platinum as the main metal. What’s more? Another great choice would be to add sparkle to the elongated ends of the ring that holds the centrepiece. This subtle yet sophisticated look can feature a single or double row of sparkling diamonds for a timeless look. 


Elongated Cuts


Cushion cuts can be elongated and embellished with halo stones. The upgrade could mean additional rows of diamonds surrounding the centrepiece or an elongated cut. This means your cushion cut diamond would be stretched to resemble a rectangle. It features a higher length/weight ratio unlike a typical square. It also enhances the face up appearance of the ring which can really flatter your finger’s outline. It does have a more graceful appeal and if you want to add lustre to its form, a halo setting is perfect. 

Here’s Why We Love a Cushion Cut. 


Right from twists and turns to milgrain designs, a cushion cut ring can easily be upgraded to a finer rendition. The cushion cut preserves radiance and brilliance owing to the structure hence it is a versatile choice for most couples. Based on the kind of cushion cut ring you have and the budget, here are some spectacular styles you can experiment with:


For couples who have a small budget, a cushion cut diamond with a clarity rating of SI2 can be conditioned into a beautiful new look. Imagine adding intertwining bands of pave styled halo stones in a single strand that brings together a simple and elegant look. 


For couples who have a cushion cut that weighs 1 carat or more, the best way to amp up the brightness is by experimenting with a rose gold setting. You can also try a contemporary design with pave diamonds that surround each side in a milgrain setting. 


Let’s say you have a cushion cut with larger accents, you could always feature in a three stone setting for the added ‘oomph’. The additional channel of pave styled diamonds showcases exquisite detailing if you don’t mind being luxurious.  


Many couples revisit memorable moments like a wedding anniversary or a new milestone in your life. To celebrate such precious moments, you’d want to upgrade your cushion cut diamond ring. Even though the cushion cut makes for a personalized wedding ring, it can appear smaller and exposes flaws owing to its faceting structure. To upgrade your cushion cut properly, you need to be well aware of its current condition, settle on a budget and find a diamond expert near you. 


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