Custom Wallets: Superiority Beneath the Leather


Custom Wallets: Superiority Beneath the Leather

If you’ve been using the same wallet for more than three years now, it’s time you invest in something more appropriate. Remember, a gentleman’s wallet must always be functional and presentable. Find out why you should cop custom wallets and how to maintain them. 

Imagine this: you’re talking to a group of people. Things are going well, and then suddenly, someone asks for your business card. Excitedly, you reach into your pockets and pull out a few dollar bills, tattered receipts, and a candy wrapper. After three minutes of searching, you finally manage to find your slightly bent business card. Not a good impression, huh?

If you check what’s inside your pockets right now, you’ll probably find at least three things – your keys, phone, and wallet. Wallets are a universal thing when it comes to the items that we carry every day. You will need a wallet, regardless of your job or how you spend your day. It keeps your essentials– cash, keys, coins, credit/debit cards, business cards, IDs, and more! It also makes these items easily accessible.

Now is the time to get a new wallet. You can experiment with metallic and carbon fiber wallets, but leather custom wallets never grow old. If you focus on style and class, nothing can outmatch the elegance and sophistication of your wallet.

Why custom wallets?

Not all leather wallets are the same. The quality and type of leather can either create an average wallet or the best wallet out there. Below are what makes custom wallets are superior:

Capacity and design

Just like longevity, functionality is also essential in wallets. Even if the wallet is high-quality, if it can’t aid you with your daily needs, then it’s useless. Minimalist and slimmer wallets are the trend these days, but they compromise functionality. Fortunately, custom leather wallets come in different styles.

Bi-fold wallets can typically carry up to 8 cards and enough cash. At least, that’s what a regular person would carry in his wallet. Tri-fold wallets provide significantly more space, but they tend to look bulkier. There are special wallets that can support people’s varying needs. For example, travel wallets are for people who travel a lot. They have enough space for boarding passes and a passport.

Leather quality

Leather has many classifications. To make good quality wallets, the use of full-grain leather is necessary. Full-grain leather is durable and can resist wear & tear better than other grades of leather. If you use it for a long time, it develops a beautiful patina. 

How do you identify full-grain custom wallets?

Check the leather closely. If you want to be sure, you may use a magnifying glass. You should be able to find small dots on the surface. Those tiny dots are where hair used to grow. Aside from those spots on the surface, you should also find scars and natural imperfections. They may come from insect bites.

RFID protection

Life is dynamic, and our way of life changes as technology advances. The development of RFID-enabled cards has paved the way for contactless transactions. But technology advancement isn’t always butterflies and rainbows – RFID cards are prone to skimming or unauthorized scanning. The good news is that custom leather wallets offer RFID blocking, which blocks all radio and electromagnetic waves from reading classified data on your cards. This feature makes your pocket safer!


Wallets can come in various sizes, depending on the functionality. However, bigger wallets do not necessarily mean they have more capacity. You’ll find a lot of poorly designed wallets with unnecessary pockets and layers. Unnecessary features could make wallets big without adding considerable space to them.

Custom leather wallets can support all your needs. If you keep your wallet in your chest pocket, you can find many leather wallets for that. If you carry your wallet in your jeans back pocket, your choices are abundant.

The perfect size depends on how you use your wallet. And the good news is, you’ll never run out of options when you use a custom leather wallet.

Sophistication and craftsmanship

The devil is in the details. When you look at the wallets closely, you’ll be able to find craftsmanship and sophistication issues. But this isn’t a thing you can commonly find in custom wallets.

A great craftsman pays attention to every single detail without compromising aesthetics. To judge the sophistication and craftsmanship of the wallet, pay close attention to it. Look closely at the internal pockets, corner bends, sewing, and other hidden areas. These are common areas where someone may ignore the details.

Custom leather wallets are not like the other leather wallets out there. They exude sophistication without compromising your needs. That said, it’ll take effort to maintain them and keep them clean. After all, proper care is necessary if you want them to last long.


Proper care tips to keep your custom wallets clean

Even though leather is very durable, you need to implement ways to maintain its beauty. If you want your wallet to last longer, here are some proven tips to help you achieve this:

Remove dirt as it appears

A fresh stain is always easier to eliminate than an older one. Never use soap when cleaning a leather wallet, as it will only leave a residue. This residue prevents air from entering, which causes leather to crack. Use a combination of water with a small amount of vinegar. Apply it to the stained area using a soft cloth by rubbing it in circular motions. If the wallet is greasy, you can apply a mixture of whipped egg white and turpentine. Use the same method if you also want to clean the insides.

Let it dry at room temperature

After cleaning, avoid exposing the wallet to any form of external heat, including natural sun rays, a hairdryer, or a heater. Doing so will cause the leather to crack or break and become rough and stiff. Following the proper drying, it will regain its natural glow and elasticity.

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