The mountains are an exhilarating place. There is nothing as breathtaking as the scenic views of mountain ranges and the amazing flora. The amazing thing about being in the mountains is that they offer us their best side. For those looking for adventure or some rest and silence to calm down from bustling lives, then the mountains are the ideal place.

A weekend in the mountains can be the perfect vacation especially for the sports enthusiast or for those individuals that are looking to live healthy lifestyles. Winters are particularly great as they offer plenty of activities that can be enjoyed by everyone such as skiing and hiking for one to enjoy the cold and snow.

A trip to the mountain requires careful planning because you have to get the right clothing and take care of your safety. It’s paramount to remember that most mountain areas are far from civilization of nearby towns, so you need to make sure you pack all the essentials. One of the main problems faced by mountain climbers is undoubtedly clothing. This is because the temperatures on the ranges can vary dramatically hence that appropriate clothing is key. Brunello Cucinelli outerwear is a great place to start for great value-for-money clothing for the mountain. Below is a highlight of how one can impeccably dress for the mountains;


Dressing for a mountain requires some sort of art. You need to wear different clothes all at the same time. This is because wearing clothes that are too warm can interfere with the movement while having too light of clothing can expose one to cold. Layering, therefore, becomes the smartest way to manage thermoregulation. Layering as the name suggests, involves adorning multiple clothing each with a different level of warmth and protection. This technology ensures that we are protected from the wind, rain while still maintaining earth for our bodies.


One of the most dangerous things in the mountain is the temperature change, which can switch from very hot to very cold in less than a few minutes. This entails packing clothing that will cover the base layer, middle and non-active layer. A few pairs of lightweight shorts and breathable vests and tees are the best for the base layer that is closest to the skin hence collects the most sweat. This type of clothing will let the moisture away, keep the body dry and regulate your body temperature. The middle layer is the second from the skin that should be adorned with clothing that is stretchable such as leggings and tees which traps the body’s heat to always contain warmth. The outwear involves technical jackets or coats that are extremely waterproof and windproof.

Another great choice of clothing for this occasion are  shell ski jacket womens which will keep you warm while being  very comfortable.


It’s without a doubt, comfortable footwear goes hand in hand with mountaineering activities. Choosing the right shoes is an important decision to be able to partake in various activities such as hiking and trekking which needs a decent amount of grip underfoot. Boot or trail running shoes are the ideal footwear for the mountains as they can survive harsh weather conditions as well as protect the feet from injury. Don’t forget to pack up on some sandals that you can comfortably walk in for the evening or any time that you need to relax and let the feet breathe.

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