Who Is The Easiest Disney Princess To Dress Up As?



As young girls, nothing else mattered to us but the title of being a “princess.” Our parents have blessed us with that nickname, or if you’re lucky, as your name. They made us feel like royalty, and Disney has made sure to left us wanting for more!


Before you run to the store to buy the materials you need for this makeover, join us first in rating the best Disney princess that you could easily dress up as.




Our top 5 for this list are none other than Moana herself!


It’s no secret that Moana lived on an island, where their tribe has one of the most simple clothes to allow them to work with flexibility.


To transform yourself into her, all you need to do is to curl your hair, go barefoot and wear a brown tank top and a short brown skirt.


If you’re feeling brave and adventurous, feel free to cut a small part or draw some lines and symbols on your costume. This makes it look more similar to the original clothes that the princess has been wearing throughout the film.




Since we’ve mentioned being brave, it’s no doubt that the strongest archer of the Kingdom of DunBroch is someone who we could learn from.


Throughout the movie, Merida and her mother, Queen Elinor, have a strained relationship because of the inclination of the princess to act “unladylike.” Merida refused to be bounded by the rules that were applied to women, and her father, King Fergus, has always been supportive of her decision.


To tell the truth, it was her father himself who taught her archery since her childhood. It’s no wonder Princess Merida was able to improve her skill and eventually defeated the men who were asking for her hand in marriage in the same sport.


The princess’ clothes are far more simple compared to the other princesses. If you’d take a closer look, you’ll notice that the dress was a traditional gown in a dark teal-emerald green color.


With this outfit, Merida was able to move with grace during her archery sessions. Even in riding her horse, Angus, there were no incidents of her dress getting caught up and holding back her movements.


To recreate this look, you should find a long dress in a similar color or a color close to it. Put some sandals on, or go barefoot if you’d like, and finish the look with a fake archery bow.


3.Snow White


It’s easier to recreate the look of this princess by buying the same dress typically online. Then top the look with a red headband with a design of a red bow.


If you want to add more to this look, feel free to carry a plastic apple.




Underwater, Ariel only had some green mermaid tail and seashells to over her breasts. You can copy this look by buying the actual set of the costume. Then finish the look with a red wig.




Due to being locked up, this princess has limited options for her wardrobe. We think that since her attire is only composed of a long, pink dress. It’ll be easier to recreate her look.


Nothing else was fancy, but you have to finish the look with a long, blonde wig so others could identify that you’re imitating Rapunzel ad avoid some awkward moments for you.


So, have you chosen which princess to dress up as? Don’t forget to be in character and act like a princess while you’re at it.


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