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Aging is beyond human control. It comes with many things, including skin wrinkles on the face and neck. As we grow old, our body muscles become less toned, and our skin thins with time. The result is a saggy and frayed face. Other people can have drooping jaws and appear as though they have two chins. The sun also predisposes us to skin irregularities. Other skin irregularities include; acne scars, sunspots, cellulite, freckles, and wrinkles which can be corrected using skin rejuvenation. With skin rejuvenation, you can have smoother skin and look all-young again. If you think you need some skin rejuvenation, this is what you should know about it:


It Can be Cosmetic


Your skin can be rejuvenated using different cosmetic products. The JOLI360, for instance, is used to inject some hyaluronic acid serum into your skin. The same happens when you receive the ELP treatment. ELP serum helps increase your skin elasticity, while the proteoglycan serum is used to lift your skin and make it firmer. Dermatologists at Lightrx recommend that you seek these cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatments at a face and body med spa of choice. The resort you select should have several options to meet your individual needs.  It is essential to remember that different people have different skin types. Other people have different skin types based on environmental conditions and genetic factors. Before you go for any cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatment, take a skin taste to understand your elasticity status, hydration, and sebum status. This knowledge will guide you towards going for the treatment that best suits your skin type. Based on your skin type, you can also know the age at which you should start skin rejuvenation.


Prophylactic Treatments

Several things contribute to the aging of your skin, forcing you to seek skin rejuvenation services. Luckily, you can avoid some of these things. For instance, you can avoid staying in the sun without proper skin protection gear. You can use sunscreens that have your ideal protection factors. You can avoid smoking which to some extent influences the aging of your skin. There are also many vitamin supplements that you can take to rejuvenate your skin. Some antioxidants are good for skin rejuvenation too. Cretinous with vitamin A is a common skin rejuvenation substance.


Chemical Peels

These are unique chemical formulas mixed to help rejuvenate your skin. These chemicals can be used on the face and specific body parts for a particular time. Be sure to follow your expert’s recommendation to avoid experiencing some unwanted side effects or at least reduce them. These chemicals work by causing the specific skin parts to dry up and finally peel off. The chemical formula is also smooth and helps your skin get softer with time, and finally, the wrinkles will reduce while some can fade off. New healthy skin can then grow.

Laser Resurfacing


Laser resurfacing is a skin rejuvenation strategy that involves heat and light energy to destroy unwanted skin parts.  Your skin has some layers beneath it. Therefore, the laser heats heat these underneath layers and consequently remove the uppermost layer of your skin.  The heat also stimulates the growth of new fibers, enhancing the growth of a smoother top skin layer. This method has fewer disadvantages compared to other skin rejuvenating treatments. It can therefore be used in sensitive parts of your body. Different types of laser and specialists can advise you on the best one based on your skin type. Note that laser therapies facilitate skin rejuvenation by inducing more production of collagen. If you have skin wrinkles and brown spots, laser treatment can serve your skin justice. 

Facial Fillers

Facial filling involves using injectables and specific gels to smoothen face wrinkles. These fillers can also remove any lines of folds on your skin, fill up any scars on your skin and also ease skin depression. Cosmetic dermatologists use un-durable fillers combined with hyaluronic acid. The treatment takes one year. It is very safe and encourages your body to produce more natural moisturizers. There are also durable fillers that are permanent once injected into you. They can be used to lift your sunken eyes and refresh them giving you a more youthful look. These fillers can be used to fill your temples the cheeks and can be used to lift your eyebrows. If you have a flat nose and you would like to have a sharp nose, then facial fillers can be a good option. These fillers can also be used to fill thin earlobes, straighten wrinkled hands, improve your jawline, fill up your thin lips and remove any laugh lines on your face. 



This therapy involves using substances like tranexamic acid, minerals, and vitamins, micropuncture strategies, and glutathione. This therapy can help your skin regain its radiance. However, it can’t be used to treat skin pigmentation as it is more aesthetic than medical. Anti-aging creams are also used in this type of therapy. This therapy can also be used alongside other skin rejuvenation treatments based on your dermatologist’s advice. When used appropriately, it can restore the youthfulness of your skin.

Dermabrasion Treatments


This strategy involves the removal of the topmost layers of the skin. An experienced cosmetologist can only do the procedure. The procedure helps reduce deep skin inflamed acne, deep scars, sunburns, and brown spots. It can give you smooth and glowing skin. Microdermabrasion is a form of dermabrasion and involves non-invasive and non-chemical products to remove dead skin layers encouraging the growth of a new skin that is youthful and attractive. It can also be combined with anti-aging creams and serums to give you healthier skin.


There are so many types of skin rejuvenation strategies. You should remember that different treatments work differently for different skin types. They have their advantages and disadvantages. Ensure you test your skin before going for any treatment. Follow your cosmetologist advice as it can help you achieve better results. Gone are the days when people would be forced to appreciate the skin effects they do not like. If you don’t want your nose size and shape, your sunken eyes, acne scars, and brown spots, you can go for skin rejuvenation. You can look youthful again despite your age!

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