Why Customized Artwork Fashion is Becoming the Newest Trend of 2021


Artwork and fashion are two distinct roads of innovation and creative expression. When these two roads meet, magic happens. They are very much related but also decidedly distinct from each other. For example, both art and fashion are a way for the maker to express themselves and manifest their creative spirit, but only art allows the artist to fully embrace the canvas without worrying about sales or pleasing the buyer. This is why artwork fashion speaks volumes: it says you are unique, you are wonderful, you are different.


The old garb no longer cuts it. Buyers want more. They want bright styles that catch the eye, and they want to stand apart from everyone else and everything else. That’s why artwork fashion is becoming the newest trend. It’s a growing trend and people are going crazy over some of the designs. For example, a brand like Your Kicks highlights this growing trend by featuring hand painted shoes from local artists. It’s just one example in a sea of many that can be found growing quickly in 2021.

But why? Why is this trend taking off now?  Let’s explore

Technological Advancement

Another prime reason behind the fast-moving trend of customized artwork fashion is the fast-paced digitization. Latest technological developments have resulted in increased use of software applications to be used in design and print. Designing and printing have grown substantially in the last few decades especially in the last couple of decades because of the advent of the internet.

Brands aim to offer customization to develop a superior brand proposition for each customer. Brands are well-informed that each customer is unique and has their distinct needs. Customization has also allowed the implementation of customized artwork printing in fashion designing and garment production.

The Extensive Variety

Customers can now select from a range of colors, images, logos, and texts to get printed on their clothing. By offering customized artwork in fashionable wear, brands are fulfilling a two-way goal. First, the customer gets something unique and trendy. Second, the brand is becoming more successful in creating superior brand value for themselves and attracting customer loyalty.

There is also a range of ultra-sophisticated tools reserved for digital designing. Brands are attracting young fashionistas and shoppers to get exclusive designs by allowing them to customize apparel, jewelry, footwear, and accessories as per their preferences. Customers are open to options and the customization facility seems to work perfectly for customers from the Gen Z population who want something creative with fashion.

Replication is Difficult

Designs are becoming more difficult to replicate as the artwork is being incorporated. Customers do not have to worry about similarities. Replicating a piece with another piece is almost impossible. Plus, with customized artwork on clothing, brands are working their way through a customer-business model. For example, with custom Vans slip-ons, many artists produce only one version of their artwork kicks.

Direct-selling is becoming easier as customers are enticed by the unique value they are being proposed with clothing. Also, it’s favorable for brands as well. One may wonder if a customer gets something unique. That’s value for them. What does the brand get for offering customization? Here’s the answer. Brands have worked their way into the market with an intelligent production and design strategy.

Customer’s Creativity is Invited

By inviting customers to produce designs from their creative minds, brands are increasing their range of unique art better than ever. Also, it also helps brands to take note of the likings and disliking of customers and understand what can induce a potential customer may they be a fashionista or a blogger, to approach the brand and buy from it.

Besides, a brand may benefit significantly from the personalized clothing. A reason is also the growth in the content of artwork on social media and several thousands of social media users checking posts related to artwork fashion.

Role of Social Media

Since customization is being promoted through social media, more and more consumers are willing to buy unique fashion wear that is not only trendy but timeless. Customized artwork with fashion wear works perfectly for customers looking for something elegant, unique, and especially for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Social media promotes fast-fashion culture, which could be served perfectly only with the growing number of brands offering customized artwork in fashionable clothing. Fast-fashion remains among the most searched fashion categories on social media.

The hashtags, posts, influencers, peer influence, and groups on customized clothing make it all more attractive for the younger generation to flock to social media and get amazed with how creative artwork could be. The idea is not just splendid, but extremely disruptive. The trends suit the current generation perfectly and are not likely to go away any sooner.

The Taste of Gen Y and Z

Gen Y, Z, and Millennials are all attracted to vibrant colors in clothing. Customization in fashion wear offers these excited young people to pick their favorite colors from an extensive variety that has never been offered before, neither to them, and the generations before them.

Plus, the social media and artwork content have also had a major influence on the top brands as they no longer rely on rigid manufacturing mechanisms to produce premium clothing. Designers are not encouraged to make limited editions anymore. Even the most renowned brands have started to devote their time and resources to offer their customers a range of designs that are impossible to replicate and are unique in every respect.

In addition to that, the brands are now learning that customization is what will drive consumer value and build a new sense of loyalty. Also, customization caters perfectly to the personal values of Gen Z and Y about clothing as they want to wear something that is environmentally-friendly and efficient in terms of costs.

Sustainable Clothing is Demanded

Lastly, the reason why the trend of customized artwork fashion has exploded and will continue to do so in the future is that social media influencers are impacting the buying behavior of avid social media users like never before. The fashionistas from Generation Z and Y are not consumption-oriented. They don’t want to compromise the planet’s health for the sake of luxury or mass production.

Mass production that does not use sustainable energy sources is not favored by the young fashion enthusiasts. Surrounded by a media that promotes sustainability and educates them through creative artwork while promoting the value of self-pride in pursuing uniqueness in fashion, these consumers are likely to buy customized fashion art.




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