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Do you want to renovate your house but aren’t familiar with the latest home décor trends? Are you unable to choose the ideal theme for the interior of your new house? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. When it comes to home décor themes, many people find it hard to choose just one because of the wide range of options available. However, by knowing your personal preference and understanding the difference between each style, you can easily choose the best theme for your interior. The first thing you need to do is to consider your lifestyle, make a list of all your favorite colors, and set a budget. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the trending themes. 


If you aren’t up to date with the latest trends or you want to understand the differences between them, here’s a complete list of the most popular home décor themes that you can choose from.  


If you asked anyone what a bohemian style is, they will say that it’s bright, patterned, or they might say that it’s messy. While all of these answers are not entirely wrong, there’s more to the boho style than just that. At first, the bohemian style was inspired by musicians, artists, travelers, or anyone who leads a free-spirited life, but now it’s one of the most trending interior design themes. More people are starting to embrace this messy yet perfect style, claiming that it spreads positivity and improves one’s creativity. 


Creating a unique boho theme in your house is more than throwing a fuzzy rug and covering the furniture with a throw. Before you start your renovation process, you should know the history of the bohemian style so you can implement it correctly. You will be mixing a lot of colors along with different types of furniture. For example, you can add bright-patterned wallpaper with a classic coffee table and use some modern lighting. The bohemian style could look perfect and give a warm-artistic feel to the house, or it could look like a complete mess. That’s why it’s essential to understand the origin of this lifestyle and understand how to match all colors and pieces together. 


Classic, or as some people call it traditional style, is loved by those who prefer an elegant and sophisticated style. In the 19th century, the classic interior design emerged when impressionist music, art, and literature started to get popular. This traditional theme never gets old and fits all times and places. It’s known for its winged-back beds and chairs that give a luxurious feel in your home.  The colors used are all light and neutral shades. 


The common tones that reflect this elegant style are beige, gold, silver, shades of grey, and light brown. If you’re considering going for a classic interior, make sure that you use high-quality material for all the furniture. The designers from recommend using oak for all of your furniture to ensure that it will maintain its elegance for a lifetime. As for the furniture style, French-inspired pieces will perfectly complement the classic vibe you are aiming for. To create a sense of harmony, all furniture should be symmetrical and matching. Keep in mind that you can’t fully apply a classic theme in a small home, though, and avoid mixing classic with any other theme in the same room. 



You don’t need to live in a small village to have a country theme in your house. Those who love a cozy and warm place, always prefer this style. Country design refers to the simplicity, comfort, and coziness that you experience when living country life. The best way to apply this theme is by installing wood or wood-like flooring while using yellow, pale blue, light browns, and shades of red in the rest of the house. Most of the furniture in the house, including the kitchen, should be made from wood, brick, and natural stones. 


Many people confuse modern with contemporary design, thinking they’re the same thing. Contemporary design refers to the current era, while modern refers to the 20th century. The contemporary style uses colors similar to the classic theme but with a little twist. It’s all about white, light grays, but you can mix shades of blue, green, or black with it. 

To create a contemporary home theme, you will need a simple-light rug in the middle of the living room with little to no patterns, cotton or light fabrics for the sofa with a touch of metal, and some geometric shapes on the wall or the table. Of course, it’s a little bit more complicated than that, but contemporary designs are considered one of the easiest styles to apply in any home. They are preferred by a lot of people, as you can change your home theme while using your current furniture and it doesn’t cost a fortune to renovate the entire house to a contemporary theme. 

Mid-century Modern 

As we mentioned before, the mid-century modern theme began to gain popularity in the 20th century, right after World War II. It’s known to be the most practical design among all styles. Mid-century modern style is similar to the minimalist design as it focuses on function. However, it has more than just practicality; modern style also provides an elegant style to the house. You can use any colors you want when following a mid-century modern theme but avoid bold colors. All shades should match the décor and the furniture. You can use shades of blue, grays, or shades of brown to create a unique modern vibe in your house. 


Finding the right theme to decorate your home with might seem overwhelming at first, but once you understand the different styles out there, things will be much easier. You see, when you understand the difference between each home décor theme, you will automatically start narrowing down your options to one or two choices. The choice should be made based on what you like the most, how often you can maintain it, and what suits your lifestyle best. Knowing the pros and cons of the theme you are considering before applying it in your home will also ease the process for you, as you will know what will be comfortable and suitable for your preference and what will not.

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